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US military bases overseas

List of overseas military bases of United States of America
United States military bases overseas: list of military installations of the air force, Navy, and U.S. army, location on the map, and a brief description.
The US air force is preparing for the possibility of a future conflict with an almost equal opponent in the Asia-Pacific and European-middle East theaters of operations, and Russia and China are considered as the enemy. Following its plans, Washington took an unprecedented step in military construction, which is to develop the Joint strike fighter program (JSF, joint strike fighter), which involves all trustworthy allies. The fifth-generation F-35 multi-purpose aircraft is the basis of this program. However, the us military command believes that for all the advantages of the strategy chosen by America, it has a serious drawback, which is associated with the remoteness of the main TVD from the main bases located on the territory of the United States. Stretched operating lines are a serious problem. The Pentagon sees its solution in involving allies around the world in the process of organizing logistics (based supply points, technical support and deployment) for the JSF. Among other things, Washington is involving the allies in the production of the F-35.
We remind you that the Navy has not yet received sea-based f-35 aircraft. This fact apparently spurs the us military Department to prepare logistics points scattered around the globe, but primarily near the borders of Russia and China. For this purpose, we consider not only the military bases of the allies, but also civilian airports (even small ones), as well as highways and small highways that are suitable for take-off and landing of the JSF. Warehouses must be equipped at operational or temporary locations to accommodate systems for maintenance, loading ammunition, and refueling aircraft.
During the exercise in April 2019, it was required that aircraft stationed at the Andersen air force base in GUAM quickly disperse to other airfields located on the Islands of GUAM, Tinian, Saipan, Palau, and others. During the exercise" Polar forces 20-1", held in October last year, the pilots of the joint base Elmendorf-Richardson, located in Alaska, worked out the dispersal of the aircraft assembled there with one take-off wave to small operational locations. At the same time, the ability of engineering departments to quickly restore the runway was tested. For this purpose, one of the lanes was damaged by the explosion of 400 blocks of C4 plastic explosives.
The budget for fiscal year 2021 provides additional funding for the above-mentioned purposes. Chief of staff of the US air force Dave Goldfein announced plans to invest $ 3 billion. in the development of logistics systems around the world. The implementation of this program is designed for 10 years.
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