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US military bases in the Netherlands. Map of the  Netherlands with military bases of the United States


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Army bases in Schinnen and Brunnsum have been named enduring communities in the Benelux area.

 USAG Schinnen Army Base in Schinnen, Netherlands US Military Bases in the Netherlands


USAG Schinnen is the only military facility run by the United States of America in the eastern part of BENELUX. It is located in Netherlands and is actually a co-base, which means the American may run it, but they have to stick to the Dutch laws and regulations. BENELUX is a fictional area that includes three countries – Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Although it is the only base in the East, it is only a few hours away from its headquarters – USAG Benelux. This means it is somehow functioning in a shadow cone. The site hosts troops from plenty of countries, including Canada, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark and of course, Netherlands and the United States of America. The units hosted on site are among the most dispersed ones in Europe, with squadrons, companies and regiments in Belgium, Germany and Netherlands.


Although the location of this base is unique in that area, its history didn’t include any notable events. As a matter of fact, it has a relatively short history. It all started in 1967, when the AFCENT Support Element decided to relocate from France to Netherlands, after spending one year in France. It had three squadrons and each of them was hosted in a different place. Between 1969 and 1970, the Support Element moved to Schinnen and this is how USAG Schinnen was brought to life.


Although its mission clearly states that the troops are supposed to provide full military support for local or international activities conducted by the United States of America in the NATO interests through Netherlands, the base was never included in any major plans, whether you count the Afghanistan or Iraq invasions. At the same time, its main objective was to be a benchmark installation for USAG Benelux. On the other hand, USAG Benelux was more active, therefore the Schinnen base was indirectly part of the latest activities. At the same time, the area it is located in is known to be among the most peaceful places in the world, therefore the military activities are very low in intensity.


When deployed to USAG Schinnen, the Americans may have a little shock at the huge culture change. People in Europe think freely, especially in Netherlands. The newcomers are hosted on site through an application that takes in consideration whether you are a single soldier or you come with your family, your rank and the duration of your stay. Your local sponsor will help you accommodate and let you know how things go around the place.


At the same time, you may choose the off site system, which is privatized and extremely affordable. Your options are even more varied, while the facilities are significantly improved. The off site system will give you access to the entire Dutch experience, a place where prostitution and most drugs are legal.


When deployed at USAG Schinnen for small periods of time, the local inns and hotels are just as affordable. Therefore, you have options. Simply make the right decision for your necessities and enjoy your European experience.


 Joint Force Command in Brunssum, Netherlands US Military Bases in the Netherlands


Joint Force Command – also referred to as USJFCOM – used to be a combatant center of the armed forces in the United States of America. The command was responsible for a wide variety of particular services for the military troops. It no longer exists today. Its last commander was Raymond T. Odierno. The headquarters was located in Norfolk, Virginia.


One of the primary missions of Joint Force Command was to deal with all the transformation issues. There were no other combatant commands specialized in such missions. In order to fulfill this general and comprehensive mission, the command was guided on four major principles – training, development and experimentation, integration and conventional force. The mission was underlined in a more complicated and detailed plan that was read and personally accepted by the president. The command used to work in a tight collaboration with the president, therefore it mostly concentrated on his orders and ideas. It was often referred to as the transformation laboratory.


Over the years, Joint Force Command has successfully fulfilled its mission. Although it is not too obvious, most of the armed forces in the United States of America have been through a continuous change due to this command. The techniques, ideas, mentalities and tactics have always been upgraded. The command developed and created new ideas, tested all the new techniques before suggesting them through harsh experiments, educated all the leaders whenever new concepts were about to be implemented, trained most of the commanders and suggested better ideas to change the armed forces in a positive way. The command supported the United States Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Army.


Although it played a major role for most of the armed forces in the United States of America, Joint Force Command did not have a very long and rich history before being disestablished. It was commissioned in 1999 and took over the US Atlantic Command. The name was changed, as well as the mission, while many of the leaders and personnel remained the same. The new mission of the command was to support the military transformation.


Before getting there, the US Atlantic Command was one of the main commands in the United States Navy for almost half a century, from 1947 to 1993. It focused on the Atlantic defense, especially against the potential attacks of the Soviet Union. However, the Cold War reached to an end, so the importance of this command was not as obvious anymore. Multiple armed forces were restructured, including this command. This is how Joint Force Command was brought to life.


These days, USJFCOM is mostly popular for Noble Resolve, one of the most important operations it conducted. It aimed to get the military authorities and the civilian ones closer in an attempt to increase the national defense, especially during critical times. At the same time, Empire Challenge was a yearly demonstration of intelligence and reconnaissance that attracted thousands of viewers. The command was disestablished in the summer of 2011 to cut the costs. Most of the units were relocated to other installations.