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US military bases in Belgium. Map of the Belgium with military bases of the United States


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Chievres, Brussels, and other locations host important bases for NATO and other operations.

 USAG Benelux Army Base in Benelux, BELGIUM US Military Bases in Belgium


USAG Benelux is a military base run by the United States of America in Europe. Benelux is an acronym for three countries in the area – Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Aside from these three nations, the military base also spreads over France, United Kingdom and Germany. The garrison is among the most important ones in the area, mostly due to its size, coverage and support for three complementary bases located in these countries. The co-base might be operated by the United States of America, but it serves the interests of NATO under the regulations and laws of the countries it is located in. The three other bases it supports are Schinnen, Brussels and Chievres. The primary mission of the facility is to support the army operations conducted by NATO through the seven countries.


Just like most other similar co-bases run by the Americans in Europe, this one has a relatively short history and was founded around World War II. The first location of the garrison was in France, in Luneville. It was established in the first days of 1945, as World War II was drawing to an end. It only managed to resist for a few months before being inactivated in the same year. The garrison was moved to the United States of America, in Texas. It was reactivated in 1954, during the first years of the Cold War. 12 years later, as the United States of America joined the Vietnam War, the base was relocated in the war theater. After supporting and conducting multiple operations in Vietnam for more years, the facility was inactivated again, in 1972. Before being reactivated, it was moved back to Europe, more precisely in Chievres, Belgium. The reactivation was done in the summer of 1984.


USAG Benelux is part of NATO since 1967, when it was included in the support group soon after the alliance relocated the headquarters from Paris to Brussels.


The units hosted on site are organized in directorates, agencies and offices. The base is meant to support military actions, although this area of Europe is extremely safe, therefore there isn’t too much military work on site. Some of the general staff agencies hosted at USAG Benelux include the Resource Management, the Public Works, the Human Resources or the Emergency Services and Logistics.


There are two offices dealing with the housing opportunities when relocating to USAG Benelux. The Housing Division located at Chievres is the main one. It supports all the newcomers and aims to make them feel like home. When there are no available spots on site, the housing office will direct you to the International Housing Office, which is responsible with the housing opportunities at a nearby base – SHAPE.


Your options are extremely diversified when relocated on site, while the facilities are very cheap. However, this is not your only option. If you cannot find any free spots or the facilities don’t satisfy your needs, you can always rely on the privatized off site housing system in the nearby human communities. You have even more options, not to mention about the chance to “taste” the real European lifestyle.


 USAG Brussels Army Base in Brussels, BELGIUM US Military Bases in Belgium


USAG Brussels is one of the essential military facilities operated by the United States of America in Europe. It is located in Brussels, in the capital of Belgium. It is a few minutes away from the NATO headquarters, therefore it is very important for the safety measures in the area. Its primary mission is to ensure an excellent lifestyle for the inhabitants, full support for the American operations in Belgium and premier support for the important visitors of the main city in Belgium. Brussels is also referred to as the capital of Europe due to the multitude of institutions part of the European Union hosted in there. The objectives of the military base haven’t changed too much over the history, especially since the NATO headquarters was moved to Brussels long ago, in 1967. It was relocated from Paris.



USAG Brussels was initially established as NSA (NATO Support Activity). When the construction was finally over, the whole place was nothing but a crowded amalgam of buildings, services and offices serving multiple purposes. At the same time, the troops hosted there had a wide variety of recreational areas, from indoor pubs, bars and clubs to outdoor sport courts. Operating this crowded base was very expensive, so many of those facilities and services are gone today. Many of them were relocated here and there, then sent back and so on. Over the years, no one knew precisely what the base is useful for. No one could even tell the precise names of the services operated from this place, since they were constantly changing. With all these, the primary missions have never changed.


In order to serve all the objectives and services it was built for, USAG Brussels hosts a wide variety of troops and units. The most important one is the 39 Signal Battalion. Some other units include the Brussels American School, the Canadian Military Delegation or the Defense Contract Management Command. However, the list can successfully go on. Aside from the permanent units, there are plenty of associate tenant units as well. They are usually deployed on a temporary basis.


The base currently hosts around 2700 individuals, counting both military and civilian personnel.


Believe it or not, USAG Brussels is probably the only military base in the world that doesn’t provide on site accommodation for the troops. The workers are hosted off site, in a privatized system. There is no such thing as an application, a housing office or a family. It is up to you to find the best place to suit your necessities. At the same time, the decision to bring in your family or not is not that relevant, as well as your rank and the duration of your stay.


The privatized system is affordable and provides a multitude of options. It can satisfy every individual’s needs. The facilities are excellent too, while Brussels is known to be among the safest cities around Europe. While living there, the foreigners have a great shot at the European lifestyle, whether they opt for the cultural side or the nightlife of the European capital.