US military bases in Iraq. Map of the Iraq with military bases US

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US military bases in Iraq. Map of the Iraq with military bases of the United States


5 U.S. Base(s)


U.S. forces have occupied 4 bases and base-like Green Zone since 2014; 505 bases at U.S. occupation's height.



1 U.S. Lily Pad Base(s)

Al-Taqqadum Air Base, Eastern Anbar Province, with 450 military advisers to train Iraqi forces.



1 U.S. Lily Pad Base(s)

Newly established lily pad to train Iraqi forces at al-Asad Air Base, Anbar Province.

 Camp Fallujah Army Base in Fallujah, Iraq US Military Bases in Iraq


Still commonly referred to as Camp Fallujah, MEK Compound is a military base located in Fallujah and used for the common conflicts in Iraq. The base is relatively small and is adjacent to another base nearby – Dreamland. Dreamland was known as Camp Baharia among the US troops. These days, the bases is operated by the Iraqi Army. It is an expeditionary base involved in many of the recent local conflicts.


The base was initially used by the Mujahideen e Khalg people. MEK is an Iranian organization dealing with various political events. It was founded in the ’60s by a group of students that decided their country should never be the subject of the western powers for various local resources. They decided to fight against the invasion of the western imperialism and established headquarters in both Iraq and France. Its life in Iran was not too long, as they were overrun by their enemies. However, Saddam Hussein decided to support them and hosted the units on the Iraqi territories, from where they conducted multiple attacks on the Iranian military forces that tried to exterminate them.


In 2003, the American invasion of Iraq forced the MEK to give up some of its military bases. Camp Fallujah was used as a training site. The 82-nd Airborne group of the US Army took over the base after the MEK troops surrendered. Although this fight had nothing to do with the so called liberation of Iraq, no measures were taken. These days, the MEK and the American forces have a little armistice and cease fire agreement. The base was then turned over to the 1-st Marine Expeditionary Force in the spring of 2004. That was the moment when the military base was turned into an expeditionary base.


In 2009, the United States of America realized that the base was not that important for its mission in Iraq. By that time, they also took over Iraq and installed a government to support their actions. Therefore, they found appropriate to pass by the control of this base to the new Iraqi Army. In the first days of 2009, the Iraqi government took over and installed the 1-st Division on site. These days, the base hosts the headquarters of this important unit of the Iraqi Army.


Among the most important operations Camp Fallujah was part of, you can count Operation Iraqi Freedom and its two less important operations – Operation Phantom Fury and Operation Vigilant Resolve. Both of these operations were lead and conducted by the American forces.


The only unit hosted at Camp Fallujah is the 1-st Division, part of the Iraqi Army. Since the new Iraqi Army is not entirely built yet, the unit doesn’t have any subdivisions, companies or groups.


The facilities on site are not among the greatest in the world. The base is basically a small human community in the middle of a plain arid field. There are a few concrete buildings, while the rest of the base consists of tents and less significant sleeping facilities.


 FOB Sykes Army Base in Ninewah Province, Iraq US Military Bases in Iraq

Forward Operating Base (FOB) Sykes is located in the Northern Iraqi province of Ninewah a few miles outside of Tall’Afar. The base was used as an established outpost for United States combat and tactical operations during Operation Iraqi Freedom. As a forward operating base, Skyes was designed to be mission specific, amenities like runways, hospitals and chow halls are optional additions, not necessities. All FOB’s are meant to work in tight collaboration with nearby FOB’s, combat outposts (COB’s) and major installations like airfields.


FOB Sykes was a former Iraqi airfield, which following the initial US invasion, was quickly appropriated by the Army. The accessibility for aircraft and strategic location made it a clear choice for troop occupation. Tall’Afar was also one of the most active insurgent areas of Iraq. In addition to hostilities with US troops, the local insurgent population has been in a continual battle with the local population of Turkmen. Religious differences between the Turkmen and Islamic nationalists have led to multiple instances of suicide bombings, car bombings, small arms fire and indirect fire attacks. To many Islamic groups, the presence of Turkmen serves as a further representation of American presence and regime change.


The location of FOB Sykes was, and continues to still be an important factor in its strategic value. The terrain around FOB Skykes is some of the most inhospitable in the region. The surrounding deserts are vast, bone dry and extremely problematic for navigation. Weather in the region has also been known to change dramatically without notice. Visibility can be reduced to inches in a matter of a few seconds.


FOB Sykes played a crucial role in the days following the initial invasion of the Iraq. By 2004, FOB Sykes was taking regular part in combat operations in northern Iraq and served as a stopover point. The already in place airfield structure was utilized a great deal, and Sykes was regularly filled with Army rotary aircraft and Air Force C-130 cargo planes.


Though not regularly mentioned or well-remembered by most US forces who took part in Operation Iraqi Freedom, the FOB is well referenced by military strategist. To those who rotated through the area, FOB Sykes is remembered as a no frills desolate spot that often thrust its inhabitants directly into the action.


 Victory Base Complex Joint Operations Baghdad, Iraq US Military Bases in Iraq

Victory Base Complex – also referred to as VBC – is an amalgam of military installations around the Baghdad international airport. The complex includes 10 bases – Victory Fuel Point, Slayer, Striker, Cropper, Liberty, Radwaniyah Palace, Dublin, Sather Air Base, Logistics Base Seitz and Victory. The most important one is Camp Victory. It hosts the headquarters for all the US operations in Iraq. The camp also includes the Al Faw Palace.


Camp Victory – the head camp of Victory Base Complex – has a tight connection with one of the multitude of US bases maintained in Germany – the Heidelberg base. The name comes from the Victory Corps hosted there. The area was occupied by the American forces in 2003. It was among the first and most important successes in Iraq. The camp is relatively wide, therefore it was split into smaller communities, such as the Ohama Beach, the Freedom Village or the Dodge Cities. If these bases host the American troops, there are a few smaller communities hosting various contractors. A third of them are Iraqi.


The place includes a popular dining facility with multiple options for the troops. There was a smaller cafe bar as well, but it was closed as the Iraqi invasion lost its intensity. Other than that, the troops are free to choose between a wide variety of restaurants, including Pizza Hut, Subway, Burger King or Taco Bell. The coffee lovers can always waste their mornings at Green Beans. Recently, a new Turkish restaurant was opened in the area, as well as a new recreational bowling place for the fans. The shopping lovers can kill their boring days as well through the chain of shops located close to the dining facility. Those who love sports can practice on the basketball and football courts in the area. The excellently equipped gym is almost always occupied by the troops.


The recreational aspect doesn’t stop here though. There are not less than three recreational buildings providing multiple facilities, such as access to Internet, a few television sets, phones and indoor sports, like air hockey or table tennis. The Internet access on site can also be purchased from a private contractor inhabiting Victory Base Complex.


To keep the troops entertained, WWE holds a yearly tribute to the troops. The Bluegrass music from the native lands is also part of the process to entertain the soldiers. The Baghdad Bad Boys – a local group founded inside the camp – gather every Friday in very entertaining meetings with the people around the camp to participate and listen to such music.

Popular culture


Victory Base Complex is not important for the US government only, but also in the movie history. The base was featured in the 2008 Oscar winning movie “The Hurt Locker”. At the same time, the base was also included in the 2007 NORAD program. The NORAD program installs cameras in multiple parts of the world to track down Santa Claus. It is a popular habit that takes place every year around Christmas.