US military bases in United Arab Emirates

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US military bases in United Arab Emirates

US military bases in United Arab Emirates
There are large warehouses of the US Navy in the UAE. The main point of logistics is considered to be the port of Fujairah, and us Navy ships are entitled to call at the port of the capital of this country - Abu Dhabi. The United States and the United Arab Emirates have signed lease agreements for the airfields of El Fujairah and RAS al Khaimah, which are intended for the deployment of strategic reconnaissance aircraft and tactical aviation. At this base are Lockheed U-2 (Lockheed U-2) – high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft. In addition to these aircraft, refueling aircraft are also based. There is another us air force command post in the UAE.

Al-Dafra Air Base – United Arab Emirates
Advanced air base of the US air force 250 km from the coast of Iran. From here, Tr-1 reconnaissance flights (modern versions of the legendary u-2 "dragon lady") regularly take place – rising to a height of 20 kilometers, they slowly hover along the borders of Iran, tracking all movements on the other side of the Iranian border. The hot air of the Arab East is buzzing with the engines of drones and long-range radar detection aircraft E-3 "sentry", al-Dafra air base – a key node of us intelligence aviation in this region.
Last year, an F-22 Raptor squadron was moved here to cover the air base. Fearing a sudden Iranian RAID on the "peacefully sleeping airfield", a battery of patriot SAMS is deployed here, and in addition to long-range anti-aircraft missiles, the air space of the base is guarded by automatic Falanx anti-aircraft guns on mobile trailers.

Air base Al-Zafar in United Arab Emirates
This base is considered one of the largest in the entire region. AZ-Zafare base has a huge territory and two main runways with a length of 4,200 meters. The size of the structures located there is comparable to those built at the al-Adid base in Qatar.
Al Dhafra Air Base on the map
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (January 2020, Military news)
* The Stockholm peace research Institute (SIPRI) published data on military spending by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which in 2014 amounted to $ 22.8 billion, or 5.6 percent. GDP (in 2014, the UAE was the second largest military importer in the middle East and ranked 14th in the world among the leading importers of military equipment).
The UAE's military spending in 2018 was at the same level or higher than in 2014, for two reasons. First, the Emirates was involved in major military operations in Yemen in 2018 and fought in Libya. Second, they continued to import large volumes of weapons, as they did in 2014.

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