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US military bases in Singapore. Map of the Singapore with military bases of the United States


1 U.S. Base(s)


One of the original lily pads, now larger with more than 100 buildings and reported value of around $260 million.



1 U.S. Lily Pad Base(s)


Smaller, 2nd site in Singapore after a lily pad grew into a more significant base.


 COMLOG Westpac Navy Base in Singapore, Singapore US Military Bases in Singapore


Just like the authorities and leadership describe it, COMLOG WESTPAC aims to keep the fleet ready to fight at anytime of the day, maintained after the highest standards, fueled to go whenever it is needed and fed with the right ammunition and equipments. The military installation is run by the United States Navy. It is among the multitude of military facilities owned by the United States of America in Asia. Of course, just like all the others, it is run under the laws and regulations of the hosting countries – in this case, Singapore. It is also highly connected with the Singaporean forces. The base is among the youngest ones in Asia. It is also among the most advanced ones, since it controls a lot of similar facilities throughout the allied countries in the area.



COMLOG WESTPAC was initially established to strengthen the collateral relationships between the United States of America and Singapore. Other than that, the main unit hosted on site is responsible for an amazing surface of over 51 M square miles. It covers most of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, which means it holds a huge responsibility on its shoulders. Most of the ships that are involved in various operations in the area come and respond directly to this installation. The installation doesn’t just control all the operations and missions in Asia, but it is also responsible for repairing and maintenance operations when needed.


COMLOG WESTPAC has significant political purposes as well. It eases the communication with the countries around and strengthens the political relationships. The military relations are also easier to maintain, while the training sessions in the area cover multiple countries. Aside from Singapore, the installation is also responsible for the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. To make a long story short, the responsibilities around this facility are huge. Therefore, its importance is hard to describe for the United States of America.



COMLOG WESTPAC is a relatively new installation. It was established in 1992. However, its history is actually longer, since the base was basically relocated to Singapore from the Philippines after being renamed. The initial mission was not too different from the current one though. The short history didn’t see too many notable events. Its mission was clear and although it is a military base, the military purpose is not as obvious.


The area it is located in is no longer that problematic in Asia. With all these, the most tensioned site is Korea, when slight declarations or threatenings slip aside every once in a while. Only time can tell when the operations on site will increase in activity.


The most important unit at COMLOG WESTPAC is the one that actually controls and deals with all the operations – the 7-th Fleet. The Logistics Group for the Western Pacific area is responsible for the repairing and maintenance missions. Other than these, there are multiple tenants dealing with the front office, the chaplain, the duty officers, the communications and logistics, not to mention about the actual operations. Many of the tenants are temporary.