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Map of Djibouti and geographical facts

Djibout on the world map. Map of Djibout with cities
Map of Djibout with cities. Where Djibout is on the world map. The main geographical facts about Djibout - population, country area, capital, official language, religions, industry and culture.
Djibouti map
Djibouti Fact File
Official name Republic of Djibouti
Form of government Republic with single legislative body (Chamber of Deputies)
Capital Djibouti
Area 22,000 sq km (8,494 sq miles)
Time zone GMT + 3 hours
Population 467,000
Projected population 2015 703,000
Population density 21.5 per sq km (55.0 per sq mile)
Life expectancy 51.6
Infant mortality (per 1,000) 99.7
Official languages Arabic, French
Other languages Somali, Afar
Literacy rate 46.2%
Religions Muslim 94%, Christian 6%
Ethnic groups Somali 60%, Afar 35%, other (including French, Arab, Ethiopian, and Italian) 5%
Currency Djiboutian franc
Economy Services 75%, agriculture 14%, industry 11 %
GNP per capita US$ 1,400
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