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US Military Academy Army Base in West Point, NY New York Military Bases


USMA (US Military Academy) is located in West Point, in the southeastern side of New York. It is only 80 km away from New York City. Aside from the actual academy, the site hosts a wide variety of historical buildings dating from decades ago. Most of the buildings form a national landmark and consist of granite. Other than that, the site is open to tourists on a year round basis and hosts the oldest and most important museum on the United States of America territory. When it comes to the educational course, it lasts for 4 years. In order to join the academy, the aspirants must fill up an application. The good news is that the course is open for those without a potent financial situation too. The government pays for the school, while the graduates must serve the country for a particular period of time. The students are referred to as cadets or officers in training. Close to 1300 students join the academy at the beginning of every academical year. However, only 1000 of them manage to resist by the end and graduate. Once the course is over, the graduates earn a bachelor’s degree. They must follow and respect the honor code of cadets that forbids lying, cheating or stealing. At the same time, the new graduates are automatically taken in the Army. They rank as second lieutenants.


US Military Academy is unique in the United States of America. It is also one of the oldest such institutions, therefore it successfully managed to influence other schools and colleges. For instance, this was the first American institution that implemented the class rings. In order to support the Army activities, the cadets are taught to respect and help each other. The bonds are created while dining and sleeping together in large camps. The academy used to be famous for the powerful football team that won three championships. At the same time, some of the finest and most important generals trained there, as well as two presidents and 74 recipients of the exclusive Medal of Honor.


US Military Academy began training and preparing cadets in 1794. However, its past history as a defensive fort dates from decades ago. Its first major role was in the American Civil War. That is when it gained some popularity, mostly due to the excellent job the cadets and graduates did. By World War I, the Army requirements for officers were significantly increased, therefore the academy tutors decided to shorten the duration of the courses in an attempt to provide as many officers as possible. More classes graduates throughout the war. The only ones left inside were the young cadets that just joined before the armistice.


The academy saw a similar course reschedule during World War Ii and the Cold War. The other conflicts were not as important.


Once you manage to join US Military Academy, you don’t have to worry about the housing opportunities. You will be hosted on site in one of the multitude of camps. The same rules apply to the tutors and superiors.

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U.S Military Academy



The U.S Military Academy at West point is located in West Point, NY. The academy is located about 50 miles from New York City. The academy is located approximately 50 miles (80 km) north of New York City overlooking the Hudson River.


The United States Military Academy’s mission is to educate, train and inspire the Corps of Cadets so that each graduate is a commissioned leader of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, Country and prepared for a career of professional excellence and service to the Nation as an officer in the United States Army.



The United States Military Academy has been educating, training, and inspiring leaders of character for our United States Army and for the nation for more than 200 years. West Point provides a 47-month leader-development program steeped in academic rigor, military discipline, and physical challenges, all built upon a moral-ethical foundation. The academy is an internationally recognized institution for academic, military and physical excellence, and we are proud that today’s cadets will become tomorrow’s military, public and private-sector leaders.

 West Point’s purpose is to produce leaders of character who are prepared to provide selfless service to our Army and the nation. West Point provides a broad-based and balanced curriculum to ensure graduates acquire knowledge, skills, and attributes necessary for them to effectively address the complex and uncertain challenges they will face in their personal and professional lives. When students enter the United States Military Academy at West Point, they are beginning a profession. Career development starts on the first day; everything cadets experience is focused on developing them as leaders of character who will serve as officers in America’s Army upon graduation, when they are commissioned as second lieutenants in the U.S. Army. As they begin their military careers, they become leaders of Soldiers, and each new promotion brings additional responsibility and increased opportunity.

The Military Program

All cadets receive commissioning as second lieutenants upon graduation, so military and leadership education is nested with academic instruction. Military training and discipline fall under purview of the Office of the Commandant. Entering freshmen, or fourth class cadets, are referred to as New Cadets, and enter the academy on Reception Day or R-day,  which marks the start of cadet basic training (CBT), known colloquially as Beast Barracks, or simply Beast.


The admission process consists of two parts. Candidates must apply directly to USMA for admission, and they must obtain a nomination. The majority of candidates receive their nomination from their US Representatives or the Senate. Some receive a nomination from the Vice-President of the United States. The nomination process typically consists of writing essays, obtaining letters of recommendation, and a formal interview and is very selective on its candidates.


West Point is a medium-sized, highly residential baccalaureate college, with a full-time, four-year undergraduate program that emphasizes instruction in the arts, sciences, and professions with no graduate program. There are 45 academic majors and the most popular majors are in foreign languages, management information systems, history, economics, and mechanical engineering.

Moral and Ethical Training

Moral-ethical development occurs throughout the entirety of the cadet experience by living under the honor code and through formal leadership programs available at the academy. These include instruction in the values of the military profession through Professional Military Ethics Education (PME2), voluntary religious programs, interaction with staff and faculty role models, and an extensive guest-speaker program. The foundation of the ethical code at West Point is found in the academy’s motto, “Duty, Honor, Country


Visiting Information

Visitors may take a nominally priced guided tour of the Academy grounds departing from the West Point Visitors Center. Entrance is allowed for business, for visiting staff, faculty and cadets who live on West Point, and for public events such as concerts, sporting events, cadet reviews, and graduation. A valid photo ID is required for all adults 16 and over, and children must be accompanied by an adult. Please allow additional time to enter the post if coming for well-attended events such as football games and concerts.


Commissary Information


Store Phone: (845)938-3663×227

Fax: (845)938-8692