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Training Center Yorktown Coast Guard Base on map

Training Center Yorktown Coast Guard Base Yorktown, VA Virginia Military Bases


Training Center Yorktown represents the most important training site for the troops in the United States Coast Guard, but only for Virginia. However, even when it comes to the nationwide system, it is still among the most important ones. There are only two similar facilities in the United States of America. One of them is in Cape May and the other one is in Petaluma. If the center in Cape May is the only one that can support the basic instructions and training courses, the other two provide access to more important schools. They are often referred to as the US Coast Guard A schools. The military facility is operated by William J. Milne.


The A schools at Training Center Yorktown allow the young aspirants to choose between seven different specialties. There are seven schools, with the leading one counting the post operations courses. The other six courses imply training sessions for boatswains, electricians, gunners, marine and machinery technicians and damage control men. The schools are not open for the American citizens only. The foreign members of the US Coast Guard are also welcome on site to push their limits and gain new skills and experience. The courses for international students take around fifteen weeks.


The history of Training Center Yorktown dates back to the beginning of the 20-th century, in 1917. Back then, the United States Navy decided to build a huge fuel depot, therefore it acquired around 400,000 acres. The local peninsula in Yorktown seemed like an excellent place. It was fully protected, yet open to water. The mission on site changed over the years, especially after the United States of America joined World War II. In 1942, the US Navy decided to relocate the training school for mine warfare. There was plenty of land for all the required ranges. After World War II reached to and end and the Korean War lost its intensity, the US Navy decided to hand the site to the United States Coast Guard. The move was done in 1957.


The first training sessions were held for the reserve troops, as the US Coast Guard relocated the Reserve Training Center on site. The primary mission of the facility was to provide all the training capacities required by the authorities for the reserve troops. It became the largest training camp for reservists. As time passed by, the center was slowly turned into what it is today – one of the three military installations with training purposes for the US Coast Guard students.


There are a wide variety of different facilities at Training Center Yorktown to satisfy the military troops, the civilian personnel and the students. They benefit from a barber shop, an auto shop, a cyber cafe to communicate with their loved ones, a dry cleaner, an exchange, snack bars and dining facilities. Those who want to stay in shape can check out the gym or the fitness club, while the chapel and the health care clinic come to complete the idea of a well established installation.