Sector SE New England Coast Guard in Woods Hole

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 Sector SE New England Coast Guard in Woods Hole, MA Massachusetts Military Bases


Sector SE New England is a military service owned by the United States Coast Guard. Its headquarters is established in Woods Hole, in the southeastern part of Massachusetts, in Barstable County. It is one of the new services owned by the US Coast Guard. At the same time, it consists of eight different stations that fulfill their missions through four cutters, two units and two teams. Aside from the location from Woods Hole, MA, the sector has a second important office located in Providence, Rhode Island. The offices were designed to “mark” its mission.


Sector SE New England is responsible for the wide area between Watch Hill Point, RI and Manomet Point, MA. Its primary mission is to provide a high quality and safe service to all the human communities in its area of action. The search and rescue operations are among the most common activities. Whether people get lost or suffer from a particular condition, any emergency is taken care of by this service. It is one of the most important missions of the United States Coast Guard. The center is available round the clock and treats each case with the same importance. Each case is the most important one until it is solved.

The environmental and maritime safety is just as important. The units patrol around the area to make sure everything is right. The oil or the hazardous substances spills are among the common problems these experts have to deal with.

In an attempt to make everyone happy and get the best out of each unit and individual, Sector SE New England officials provide some of the best facilities at each of the stations. Not all the military troops are native. Some of them come from different parts of the country, therefore the different lifestyle should not come as a shock. Those who are married may end up in an even worse situation, since the civilian families are usually the ones with problems adapting to a new lifestyle.


Sector SE New England is one of the fresh sectors in the United States Coast Guard. The sector was founded in 2006 only. The authorities decided to merge the Marine Safety Office from Providence with Group Woods Hole. Group Woods Hole was one of the largest groups of its kind in the country. It had 15 different commands under its jurisdiction. However, the two installations had a few things in common, but many facilities and operations that could easily make them complete each other. This is how they got merged.


When spreading over such a huge area, providing some of the most advanced facilities is not a problem for the officials of Sector SE New England. The most important facilities are the housing ones. There are plenty of them at Air Station Cape Cod, for both single or married members. The recreational activities are just as important. There are both on and off site facilities. When there is something you cannot find on site, you can always head to the closest human community and hang around.