Sector Hampton Roads Coast Guard Base Portsmouth on map

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Sector Hampton Roads Coast Guard Base Portsmouth on map

Sector Hampton Roads Coast Guard Base Portsmouth, VA Virginia Military Bases


Portsmouth is a historic place located in the southeastern part of Virginia that hosts multiple military installations, including one that belongs to the United States Coast Guard. The location is excellent for the well known mission of this armed force in the country. Sector Hampton Roads is one of the relatively new military installations in the area. The sector is operated by the Fifth District, one of the most important units in the US Coast Guard. It is also commanded by Captain Mark Ogle.


As part of the US Coast Guard, Sector Hampton Roads has a comprehensive mission implying the national and environmental defense. First of all, the search and rescue (SAR) operations are the most important ones. The unit responds promptly to any incoming call and pursues advanced search missions. It has a prolific result with such missions. The environmental protection is just as important. Although the oil spills are not so important in this area, the environmental actions are part of the daily routine. There are various ships carrying hazardous substances. At the same time, the unit is responsible for the results of mass destruction weapons. Such cases are not that popular, but the troops are always ready to step in if the country is attacked or if some tests go wrong.


Some other incidents imply the illegal immigrants. Such cases are also not too common. All in all, the mission of Sector Hampton Roads is obvious. It aims to enforce the authority of the United States Coast Guard in the area. It has a specific area to patrol and operate in. Any maritime accident is immediately taken care of for the protection of both the maritime life and the coastal human communities.


Another mission covers the needs and necessities of the US Coast Guard troops and workers in the area. Whether they are military troops, reserve units or civilian workers and families, they are all treated with the same respect and care. Things are a bit more complicated for the units who are deployed from other parts of the country, not to mention about the married units. The housing facilities are the most important ones to help them get over the move. If the situation is easier to handle by the military troops, the civilian families are the ones who have to go through a little shock. Overall, the welfare of the US Coast Guard individuals is a priority.


Sector Hampton Roads doesn’t have too many notable events in its history, maybe because it is one of the fresh centers in the United States Coast Guard. It was officially founded in 2005. It was created as the authorities decided to merge three different facilities – Group HR, Marine Safety Office HR and Group Eastern Shore. Since each of them had particular facilities the others didn’t, merging them in one center was the most appropriate idea.


The US Coast Guard brags with 12 lives saved a day and many other impressive numbers. Although Sector Hampton Roads cannot brag with any notable operations, it is definitely part of this amazing result.