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Saratoga Springs NSU Navy Base in Saratoga Springs, NY New York Military Bases


Saratoga Springs NSU, New York is strategically located in the mountains, between the Adirondack and Catskill Mountains. It is 35 km away from Albany and brags to be one of the few military bases in the United States of America that provide a year round activity for the troops hosted inside. The base is strongly connected to the State Capital Region of New York. It aims to support most of its commands. The initial mission of this military facility is to support the training unit dealing with nuclear power – NPTU – from West Milton, located in the same county as the base. It is, however, almost 16 km far from it.


The location of this base between the mountains doesn’t give it too many expansion possibilities, therefore it hasn’t really grown over the years. Instead, it was mostly improved and constantly upgraded to the latest military technologies. It hosts around 5000 individuals – about 1750 military troops, almost 3300 family members and around 50 civilians employed at the base for various activities. Although the base is small and the population is insignificant compared to what other military bases present, the facilities are excellent in the area. The inhabitants have access to grocery stores, gas stations and multiple other stores.


The objectives of Saratoga Springs NSU haven’t changed too much over the years. Obviously, unexpected situations always arise, especially during wars, therefore the place had to deal with multiple temporary tasks. More units came and left the base in a search for the perfect home. These days, the base hosts the Fleet and Family Support Center first of all. This says a lot about the peaceful image of the base. At the same time, the base is the home for the Nuclear Power Training Unit. This unit places this military base among the most important ones in the United States of America. The nuclear tests are no longer a trend today among the powers of the world, but a necessity. Finally, the Navy Recruiting Region Detachment can use this place as a home too. Other than these three major units, the base occasionally hosts tenant and associate units as well. They are usually deployed there for short periods of time.


The housing system in Saratoga Springs NSU is actually a PPV (Public Private Venture). The system is operated by the Balfour Beatty Communities, a small local agency that is responsible for multiple military bases in the area. The service is available to anyone, but the active members with dependents are always placed among the priorities. The on site system includes over 100 housing units, classified by two or three bedrooms. Only 25% of them are furnished.


In order to be hosted here, you need to fill up an application. Get in touch with the service to become familiar with the process. While looking for off site accommodation, you will need a different privatized real estate agency. If there for a short period of time, you may just as well rely on an inn.

Saratoga Springs NSU Navy Base on map

Naval Support Facility Saratoga Springs




Welcome aboard Naval Support Activity (NSA) Saratoga Springs, New York. NSA Saratoga Springs is located in Saratoga County, one of the most scenic areas of the country, near the capital of New York State. Located between the Catskill and Adirondack Mountains, this area offers numerous recreational opportunities. Saratoga Springs is a very high cost of living area. Albany, NY (ALB) is the closest servicing airport. The base operator’s phone number is 518-886-0200. No DSN phone access.



Naval Administrative Unit Scotia, NY was moved and renamed Naval Support Unit (NSU), Saratoga Springs in 1999. It was re-designated on October 1st, 2010 as Naval Support Activity (NSA) Saratoga Springs, NY. NSA supports commands within the New York State Capital Region, and is located approximately 35 miles north of the state capital, Albany. All NSA functions are located in Saratoga Springs, including the Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC), Housing Area, Commissary and Navy Exchange.



The primary mission of Naval Support Activity, Saratoga Springs is to support the Naval Nuclear Power Training Unit (NPTU) Ballston Spa, NY.


Population Served

NSA Saratoga Springs serves an active duty population of approximately 3,000. In addition there is a large NY Air National Guard Base in Scotia, NY, as well as a Naval Operations Support Center (NOSC) and several Recruiting Stations within a 50 mile radius.


Base Transportation

Currently, there is no base transportation on this installation.



To request sponsor assignment, contact the sponsor coordinator at your new command upon receipt of orders. There are no Bachelor’s Quarters, and public transportation is very limited, so a sponsor is imperative. Mail should be held at current location post office, or send to General Delivery, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 until a new address is established. Your mail will be held at the Main Post Office for up to 30 days and can be conveniently picked up at any retail window.


To request an Electronic Welcome Aboard Packet (EWAP) contact the FFSC at 518-886-0200 x146. The disc contains a wealth of information to get you started with your relocation to Saratoga Springs.


Temporary Quarters

There are no temporary quarters on base.

Relocation Assistance

NPTU Student Family Newcomer Orientation/Indoctrination is conducted on the first Tuessday after the NPTU class report date. Sessions are scheduled at the Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) at 6:00 pm. NPTU Staff Family Newcomer Orientation/Indoctrination sessions are scheduled monthly at the Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) at 6:00 pm with a date announced upon arrival.


Lodging kits with household items are available for check-out from the FFSC loan locker free of charge. Contact the Relocation Specialist at 518-886-0200 ext. 146.

Critical Installation Information


New York State law requires all pistols and handguns to be registered in the state without exception. Before you can possess a pistol in New York State, you must be a resident for one year or obtain a waiver prior to your arrival.

Frequently Called Numbers on Base

Base Operator (518) 886-0200

Child Development Home Program (518) 886-0200 x9-161