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Operations Systems Center Coast Guard Martinsburg, WV West Virginia Military Bases

 Operations Systems Center Coast Guard Martinsburg, WV West Virginia Military Bases


Operations Systems Center (OSC) is a government owned center operated by the United States Coast Guard. The installation is also open to private contractors and actually works in a tight collaboration with a few popular American names and individuals. The center is located in the immediate closeness of Martinsburg, in Berkeley County, in the western side of Virginia. It indirectly supports multiple national missions, including the National Defense or the Maritime Safety. There are close to 600 individuals hired on site, counting military troops, civilian contractors, civilian scientists and reserve troops, not to mention about some families too. All the local teams work in a tight collaboration to fulfill the mission and objectives of the center.


Operations Systems Center is the brain behind most actions performed by the United States Coast Guard. It deals with software development and automated systems. It is the premier source of such systems in the US Coast Guard. The systems are not just developed, but also maintained, repaired when something goes wrong and updated whenever new technologies hit the market. Aside from the US Coast Guard, the center also supports the Department of Homeland Security.


The innovation of technology is the main aspect that helps these experts fulfill their mission. The US Coast Guard is involved with a lot of operations, including ice patrolling, oil spills, environmental problems, search and rescue operations and so on. All these missions are possible and better organized because of Operations Systems Center.


Aside from this military purpose, the center leaders try their best to keep everyone on site happy and in a good mood. Things are harder for the units who got deployed from other parts of the United States of America, not to mention about the married individuals. They had to bring in their families too, adapt to a new lifestyle and start a whole new life from scratch. In order to eliminate this shock, the facilities are among the most advanced ones. Some of the most important aspects that have to be considered include the housing facilities.


Operations System Center is one of the fresh centers in the United States Coast Guard. The armed force has been through a comprehensive process of updates and improvements during the ’80s and the ’90s. Multiple services and centers were restructured and plenty of operations and missions were changed in order to get more effective. This is how this center showed up too. It was established in 1991 with the clear mission to computerize the US Coast Guard. As soon as everything got on computers, the mission has been changed to maintenance and update operations.


Nothing else has changed since then. Operations System Center has also got in touch with private contractors and civilian scientists for the maintenance operations. Although still owned by the government, the center is orientating towards the civilian contracts more and more. Today, every action taken by the US Coast Guard goes through this center and is recorded in the private databases. This way, the officials can better track the activity and missions.