NSA Northwest Annex Navy Base in Chesapeake on map

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NSA Northwest Annex Navy Base in Chesapeake on map

NSA Northwest Annex Navy Base in Chesapeake, VA Virginia Military Bases


Although it operates as an independent base and is often listed as one, Naval Support Activity NSA Northwest Annex is actually an adjacent military base. It is located in Chesapeake, Virginia. It is in the immediate proximity of the borders with North Carolina. The base is large enough, yet it is under the jurisdiction of the military facility in Chesapeake. Both of these bases are owned and run by the United States Navy.


The primary mission of this facility is simple. It was initially built to support its nearby neighbor, regardless of its objectives. Over the history, things haven’t changed too much. Just like the base in Chesapeake, its adjacent one has the clear objective to support all the worldwide operations of the United States Navy in any possible way. The base doesn’t host American forces only, but also some NATO troops, which are taken in consideration as well. Other than that, the obvious purpose to provide a high quality of life to its inhabitants its obvious. The base is responsible for their facilities.


NSA Northwest Annex has an obvious military objective. However, it is among those military bases that go further than that. The facility works in a tight collaboration with the surrounding communities in order to protect the lands and traditional farms in the region. The place has been known to be a productive area for centuries, therefore the authorities try to avoid turning it into a military field with nothing else around it. Maintaining the surroundings has always been among the priorities of the local officials.



As an adjacent base, NSA Northwest Annex doesn’t have a very impressive history. In fact, most of its achievements have been highly connected with the Chesapeake base it supports. In 1948, the base was picked to host the Commander in Chief of the Atlantic, along with all the troops and staff. It was one of the first major accomplishments and one of the first times when the base was truly appreciated and taken in consideration.


A similar action took place in 1977. The Fleet Headquarters Support Activity for the Atlantic was redirected to this site in order to provide full support to all the commands. It was a small improvement the base was taken through. The new command was supposed to upgrade the logistics, transportation, maintenance, fiscal and administrative services. It was one of the moves that raised NSA Northwest Annex to a new level. Ten years later, the base was restructured. Another ten years later, it was given a new list of priorities. All of them were still highly related to the larger base from Chesapeake. In 2011, the name was changed to NSA Hampton Roads.



There are seven major tenants hosted at NSA Northwest Annex. The most important ones include the Submarine Forces and the Naval Surface Forces for the Atlantic group. On another hand, you got the Cruise Missile Support Activity, the US Fleet Forces Command and the Joint Staff Hampton Roads, which was created soon after the base was renamed.