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NS Pascagoula Navy Base in Pascagoula, MS Mississippi Military Bases


Naval Station Pascagoula used to be one of the military bases established by the United States Navy in Mississippi, on Singing River Island. The base is no longer alive and the land it laid on belongs to the local Secretary of State. The island was built by the Americans. It was about 1.8 square kilometers and was formed of dredge materials coming from a nearby installation. Its lifetime was relatively low. The construction started in 1988 and 18 years later, the base was shut down.


The missions NS Pascagoula had to deal with were overwhelming at some point. The primary objective of the installation was to deal with the local inhabitants and support all the missions the tenants were involved in. The base supported the United States Navy and all the operations performed in a tight collaboration with the Department of Defense. However, there was way more than that. As if these were not enough, the military troops were also supposed to support the nearby facility Ingalls Shipbuilding. All the troops that were deployed there were first taken over by NS Pascagoula.


As for the inhabitants, they were never left down. They did seem like an extra weight on the base shoulders, but it successfully maintained some of the most modern and impressive facilities. The housing office or the recreational activities and the morale welfare activities were motivating and encouraging. The wide variety of recreational fields, sports courts, dining facilities and snack bars made the inhabitants feel like home.


Prior to the 1993 Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) commission, the missions of the facility increased drastically. At that time, multiple nearby facilities were closed, while others lost some of their commands. The importance of this one and its new construction – which automatically implied modern facilities and services – forced it to take over a lot of commands and services. Multiple units joined the base at the same time, yet the officials successfully managed to adapt to this situation.


The history of NS Pascagoula dates back to 1985. The United States Navy found the Singing River Island to be an excellent location for a military facility. It didn’t waste too much time and got all the required papers and funds, then began the official construction three years later, in 1988. The groundbreaking ceremony was officially held in 1992. The base was set up with the clear purpose to support the frigates dealing with Perry class missiles. The first ship arrived on site during the same year – USS Gallery.


In 2005, NS Pascagoula was supposed to be taken through a massive round of consolidation and improvements. However, later the same year, the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure commission decided to shut it down. One year later, in the autumn of 2006, the base was officially closed. At that time, there were more than 2,000 military troops hosted on site, over 4,000 civilian families, around 200 civilian contractors and workers and close to 5,000 retired troops or reserve units. The installation dealt with around $100 million on a yearly basis.

NS Pascagoula Navy Base on map


NS Pascagoula Facts

The Mississippi Pascagoula Naval is built on an artificial island created by dumping of debris from the Pascagoula Channel and a shipyard close by the Singing River. The total land covered by the Naval Base is about 437 acres and was established when the navy saw the need to establish other naval bases aside the already existing ones. The construction project started in 1988 and was completed for the opening of the base by 1992, when USS Gallery, the maiden ship arrived on the coast of the island.

NS Pascagoula Facts


    Website: Visit NS Pascagoula

    Location: Pascagoula, Mississippi

    Latitude: 30.336707

    Longitude: -88.576872

    DSN: N/A


The Base was however closed in 2006 and by July 2007 handed over to the office of the Secretary of State of Mississippi. As at 2005, the staff strength of the Pascagoula Naval Base was 200 civilians, 2,000 military staff. Apart from these workers, family of military staff, retirees on the country and their family also lived on the island and it was estimated that, the base had a total of 100 million dollars, will all services, contracts and payrolls inclusive. The F99 station was given the responsibility of managing and operating the facility as a Naval Support Center.

The Pascagoula Naval Station offered support services to crews of combatant ships, assigned to the surface ships and also crew onboard the base facility and ships stationed at the facility. The facilities at the base also supported other Navy installations and the Navy fraternity at large. Most of the Divisions and Agencies of the Navy located in the facility mainly have to do with the welfare of the officials and their family members; the Housing Referral Office, the Recreation Department, the Family Support Center and the Moral Welfare units are all located within the base facility. Facilities at the Base include quayside berths, located on the lower deck.  The base also undertakes maintenance services on the Navy’s ships either directly or contracting it to other shipyards around.