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Naval Hospital Beaufort Navy Base on map


U.S. Navy Hospital Beaufort

 Naval Hospital Beaufort Navy Base in Beaufort, SC South Carolina Military Bases


The United States Naval Hospital Beaufort is a full service Navy medical facility located in South Carolina. The medical facility also manages two satellite clinks at the nearby Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort and the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in Parris Island, South Carolina. The main facility of the Naval Hospital Beaufort network is located in Port Royal, South Carolina. The medical facility is also charged with serving the needs of the Laurel Bay housing complex, which is one of the main housing areas for Marine Corps personal stationed at MCAS Beaufort and MCRD Parris Island.


Commissioned in April of 1949, Naval Hospital Beaufort is one of the few military hospitals that stands as its own complex. Almost all military hospitals are part of a larger base complex and exist to serve those stationed at the base. Naval Hospital Beaufort is the opposite, and stands alone while serving multiple installations. The hospital provides basic and advanced medical care to over 35,000 Marines, sailors and their families in the area. These services include, but are not limited to; preventative care, general and family medicine, emergency care, surgery and inpatient services.

The South Carolina Beaufort Hospital is said to be one of the best hospitals as far has military base is concerned. This particular hospital is well equipped with a whole lot of things to aid it operate effectively without any problem. The Beaufort hospital was commissioned on 29th April, 1949 and ever since has served greatly to the people of South Carolina and its environs. The issue is that, sometimes some people really do not know how important some of these hospitals are. But then one major thing to notice is that, the Beaufort hospital has really helped many soldiers for over 50 years and this implies a lot.


It is worthwhile to state here that, the hospital does not only treat those who are military men or women but any member of the State. Many civilians have really enjoyed so much health treatment from this particular hospital and they are very much appreciative with what they encounter. Some of their medical doctors who are well trained military men often do their jobs in a marvelous manner. Therefore when one is not told that is a military man it will be very difficult to know. They are said to be well trained and hence handle a whole lot of issues concerning health.


Furthermore, the Beaufort community is said to possess about 35000 civilians who really seek health care from this hospital. The good news is that, they are all often well served in terms of health no one has ever complained after treatment. South Carolina Beaufort Hospital is really doing a great Job especially to the sick and as such should continue. Another splendid thing is the hospital building which is so unique and well planned to accommodate thousands. This is really a place to consider visiting.

U.S. Navy Hospital Beaufort



Naval Hospital Beaufort was opened in 1949 on 127 acres of land. Historically, the site was formerly the John Joiner Smith Plantation that included Camp Saxton, a Civil War garrison, and Fort Frederick, both recognized as National Historical sites. The earliest federally authorized black unit to fight for the Union, the First South Carolina Volunteers, was camped at this site. On January 1, 1863, General Rufus Saxton assembled a large populace for one of the earliest readings of the Emancipation Proclamation. An annual reenactment of the reading is held at the Camp Saxton site, along with a Civil War encampment both of which are enjoyed by members of our staff and the local community.


Fort Frederick was built by the English in 1735 to protect Beaufort from the Native Americans in the area and the Spaniards to the south. Today, the remains of its walls stand within the Naval Hospital compound as a duly designated historical monument. During the Civil War, the site became a garrison named Camp Shaw. The present hospital replaced the Naval Hospital Parris Island which was open from 1891 through May 1, 1949. Naval Hospital Beaufort was commissioned on April 29, 1949, and the first patient was admitted on May 5, 1949.


Naval Hospital Beaufort consists of the hospital and two Branch Health Clinics – one at Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD), Parris Island and the other at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS), Beaufort. Located within the grounds of the Naval Hospital Beaufort are privatized family housing single-story units, Bachelor Enlisted Quarters, a Navy Exchange Retail store, Gas Station/Mini Mart and Navy Federal Credit Union. Recreational facilities include a softball field, swimming pool, racquetball and basketball courts, outdoor fitness course, a gym, fishing pier, and a children’s playground.


Naval Hospital Beaufort provides general medical, surgical and urgent care services to all active duty Navy and Marine Corps personnel, as well as retired military personnel and all military dependents residing in the Beaufort area, a total population of approximately 35,000 beneficiaries.



To pursue your health and wellness while exceeding your expectations.



To be a committed partner in the delivery of quality and compassionate patient and family centered health care while maintaining operational readiness.


Guiding Principles

We are the face of Navy Medicine in the 21st Century.

We are good stewards of resources.

We actively embrace process improvement opportunities and ensure a culture of patient safety.

We are the first care for new Marines; a safe haven for today’s warriors; a home port for veterans and families.

We provide advocacy for those with operational injuries, seen and unseen.