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NAS Whiting Field Navy Base in Milton, FL Florida Military Bases


Although it is run by the United States Navy, Naval Air Station Whiting Field is known among multiple armed forces of the United States of America for providing training sessions. The Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard also benefit from the facilities and the training courses on site. The installation was established in Santa Rosa County, in the immediate proximity of Milton, Florida. There are just two training bases for professional pilots the United States Navy can rely on and this is one of them. The other one is located in Texas – Corpus Christi. Aside from the American armed forces training on site, the base is open to international students and pilots coming from the allied countries too.


The facility actually consists of two military airfields that are closed to civilian usage. The connection is in the support center, which is common. The facility is named in the memory of Kenneth Whiting. Kenneth Whiting was among the most professional experts in the military field. He was first a submarine commander and dealt with some of the most advanced units, then he became a professional pilot. He conducted multiple operations during World War I and retired before World War II, in 1940.



NAS Whiting Field is a training site. Therefore, its primary objective is to create some of the finest pilots in the country. Its mission supports all the armed forces relying on it. The facilities on site are also among the objectives, since people always do a better job when they are treated accordingly. In an attempt to make the deployed troops feel like home, the officials provide some of the finest and most advanced facilities. The same rule applies for their families and other civilian workers or contractors.



NAS Whiting Field was a wide field of grass and weeds before 1943, when the base was commissioned. The groundbreaking ceremony was held on July, 16-th. There were 1,500 individuals attending the ceremony. One of them was the widow of Kenneth Whiting, for whom this facility was called. These days, it is the backbone of most programs held by the United States Navy. Meanwhile, the activities on site varied from one “age” to another.


Since it was established during World War II, it played a forced role throughout the war. Its most important objective was to hold the prisoners of war. Most of them were German. A few years later, it became the home of the popular Blue Angels. The Blue Angels come as a team of professional pilots performing air shows every once in a while, in different parts of the country. Another significant success was the deployment of the first jet training group in the US Navy. The Navy picked NAS Whiting Field for its advanced facilities and operations.


These days, NAS Whiting Field is changing its aircrafts. It is losing the T 34 models and aims to get T 6B fresh aircrafts only. The transition is almost complete. Other that that, the base is the busiest installation in the world. It supports more than 1.5 million flights on a yearly basis, which means almost 3 flights a minute. It also trains and perfects more than 1,200 students.

NAS Whiting Field Navy Base in Milton on map

NAS Whiting Field



Welcome to the Naval Air Station Whiting Field, located in beautiful northwest Florida. Naval Air Station Whiting Field occupies approximately 12,000 acres, including 13 outlying fields with three separate and fully operational airfields.



In July 2012, NAS Whiting Field celebrated its 69th year of continuous operation. What was once a field of weeds has become the backbone of the Navy’s flight program. During its history, Whiting Field has served as a prisoner-of-war camp for German soldiers, home of the famed Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Team and home of the Navy’s first jet training unit. Before the field was officially commissioned, personnel were already beginning to train “the world’s best aviators.” Squadron 3-B of Naval Auxiliary Air Station (NAAS) Saufley Field, Pensacola, Florida, began operations on July 1, 1943. Squadron 3-B was later joined by Squadron 3-A of Chevalier Field to form Training Squadron THREE. In only 14 weeks, Whiting Field came into being to fulfill the need for pilot training commands in WWII. Commissioning ceremonies for Naval Auxiliary Air Station (NAAS) Whiting Field were held on July 16, 1943, in the South Field Hanger. At 11 a.m. that day, Rear Admiral George D. Murray, Commandant of the Naval Air Training Center, welcomed some 1,500 persons and introduced Mrs. Kenneth Whiting, the widow of Naval hero, Captain Kenneth Whiting, for whom the station was named. The commissioning of NAS Whiting Field took place at a crucial time in American history. Only six days before the commissioning, the invasion of Sicily had occurred. Throughout World War II, NAS Whiting Field’s mission was to train aviators for the fleet.



Our mission is to produce the military’s best trained “Aviation Warfighter. NAS Whiting Field is where the future of Naval Aviation begins. As the host of 20 tenant activities, including the Training Air Wing FIVE who produces over 700 pilots a year.


Population Served

Whiting Field is the busiest Naval Air Station in the world, responsible for an estimated 46 percent of the Chief of Naval Air Training Command’s total flight time and more than 11 percent of Navy and Marine Corps total flight time. Greater than 1,200 service personnel complete their essential flight training here yearly.