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Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta on map


Moody Air Force Base

Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta, GA Georgia Military Bases


Spread over two counties – Lanier and Lowndes – and less than 15 km away from Valdosta, Moody Air Force Base is one of the multitude of military installations built to support World War II, prior to the United States of America joining it. Its current mission is to provide air support, search and rescue operations for humanitarian purposes. It is actively involved in the recent conflicts of the Middle East. The base is named in the memory of George Putnam Moody (1908-1941), one of the pioneers of the US Air Force. He was killed in a plane crash while testing one of the most advanced equipments of those times. The AT 10 machine he was flying was then intensively used throughout World War II.


The base origins date back to 1940, when a small committee formed of local citizens was looking for a potential spot for a military base to increase the defense in the area. By the end of the year, they found the perfect place. They invited the authorities to see it through an official letter. The proposal was rejected, as the authorities decided the place was not good enough. Instead, the Air Corps started looking for a different spot. The new place was owned by the Department of Agriculture. By the summer of 1941, the ownership was changed and the construction began the same year. By July, it was ready. The project “ate” $3.4M and included the construction of 160 buildings. More than 70 of them were barracks. Over 4000 men were deployed there.


Moody AFB played a major role during World War II. Some of the most experienced pilots in the world graduated from the local schools. However, the demands decreased in intensity by 1945. In 1946, it adopted a stand-by position and the training sessions were ceased. Over the upcoming decades, the place was taken through a few series of upgrades.


The upcoming wars and especially the Korean War brought in a new wave of students and professionals at the base. These days, the base was the subject of the 2005 commission for base realignment and closure. It was not closed, nor forced to merge with another facility. Instead, it was restructured. Among the most famous people who trained at this base, you can count the former US president George W. Bush. At the same time, the base was included in the “cast” for “Callin’ Moody Field”, in the ’50s.


The most important unit hosted at Moody Air Force Base is the 23-rd Wing. It deals with operations all over the world and consists of four groups – medical, maintenance, fighter and mission support. At the same time, the 347-th Rescue Group and the 563-rd Rescue Group also see this base as home.


Moody Air Force Base hosts 9 tenant and associate units too, such as the 93-rd Air Ground Operations Wing, the 820-th Base Defense Group or the 336-th Recruiting Squadron. All of them work together for the good going of the military base.

Moody Air Force Base



Moody Air Force Base is a United States Air Force installation located in South Georgia, just 30 miles north of the Florida border. The base is about 10 miles northeast of Valdosta, Georgia. It is home to the 23d Wing and the 93d Air Ground Operations Wing.



Moody AFB was opened on September 15, 1941 and was originally named Valdosta Airfield. The airfield was renamed Moody Army Airfield on December 6, 1941 in honor of Major George Putnam Moody, an early Air Force pioneer.


Moody Air Force Base was named in memory of Major George Putnam Moody, an Air Force pioneer killed in May 1941, while serving with the Beech Aircraft Company in Wichita, Kansas. At the time of his death, Major Moody was working on the inspection board for the AT-10 transitional trainers that were later sent to Moody AFB.


The base had its beginning in 1940, when a group of concerned Valdosta and Lowndes County citizens began searching for a way to assist the expanding defense program. Careful investigation showed that the development of an air corp training base would be the best way to help the program. On May 14, 1941, the War Department was granted exclusive use of 9,300 acres of land by the Agriculture Department.


From its beginning in 1941 until late 1975, Moody served as a pilot training base for thousands of Air Force pilots. In 1975, the base mission changed from one of pilot training to one of flying fighters, when the 347th Tactical Fighter Wing relocated here from Thailand. On 8 May 2001, Moody became the 347th Rescue Wing, and its mission changed to that of a search and rescue wing. Additionally, the 347th Rescue Wing supports the 479th AETC Flying Training and 820th Security Forces Groups. On October. 1, 2006, the Air Force redesignated the 347th RQW as the 347th Rescue Group and assigned it to the 23d Wing, which officially became the host unit at Moody on the same day. Along with the 23d Wing designation, the base accepted the responsibility of carrying on the historic Flying Tiger’s heritage.

Today, Air Combat Command professionals fly HC-130s and HH60 helicopters.



The 23rd Wing is the host unit at Moody. The wing’s mission is to organize, train and employ combat-ready A-10C, HC-130P, HH-60G, pararescuemen, force protection assets and support personnel. The wing executes worldwide close air support, force protection and rescue forces to include combat search and rescue and personnel recovery in support of humanitarian interests, United States national security and worldwide contingency operations. Moody also is home to six tenant units including the 93rd Air Ground Operations Wing.


Population Served

Moody AFB has a population of roughly 4,499 military, 476 civilian employees and 6,252 family members.

Base Transportation

Moody AFB does not have a base shuttle, however, newcomers can call Moody AFB Vehicle Operations at 257-3461 to request a base taxi.



If you don’t have a sponsor, call the command post at (229) 257-3501. They will contact your first sergeant or an Airman and Family Readiness Center representative.


Temporary Quarters

Moody Inn (Billeting Office)

3131 Cooney Street, Moody AFB, GA 31699

# 229-257-3893

DSN: 460-3893

Relocation Assistance

Mandatory in-processing and newcomer orientation —with spouses—occurs every other Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. in the Moody Field Club.

Moody Air Force Base is military base in Georgia


The Moody Air Force Base is prominently situated in the Lanier/Lowndes Counties in close proximity to Valdosta, Georgia. Locating the facility is very easy, since it only lies10 miles on the north eastern section of Valdosta, Georgia on Highway 125 occasionally called Bemiss Road.  The installation stands proudly as an historical landmark under supervision of Colonel Gary W. Henderson. In 1941, this facility made its introduction and currently facilitates the 347th Rescue Wing and the 23rd Wing, which are the only operatives engaged in Search and Rescue Wing missions for the United States Air Force.

Moody AFB Facts


    Location: Lowndes / Lanier counties, near Valdosta, Georgia

    Website:     Visit Moody Website

    Phone: (229) 257-4211

    Longitude:     -83.193

    Latitude:     30.967833

    DSN:     460-4211


Originally, the establishment was given the name Valdosta Airfield, which was later changed to Moody Army Airfield then to its current recognition. The name given was to honor a pioneer, Major George Putnam Moody who served the Air Force, but suffered an unfortunate death in the early centuries.


The base currently hosts 462 civilian personnel’s, 3, 637 active duty personnel’s and 5, 229 family members related to operatives.


This organization will arrange, train and employ operatives to effectively maneuver all task assigned in aiding the United States interest on national security and humanitarian support. Logistical and base maintenance functionalities are executed by all operatives within the command force.


Most of the provisions secured on this military base are elongated throughout the Lowndes County, which is situated at a six miles radius from the south eastern border of Lakeland. The surrounding areas of the property are mostly fended by undeveloped wetlands on both the south and eastern section of the facility, along with rural residential and agricultural land divisions on the northern and western areas. Within the base sectors, are land provisions which are populated with various residential sub-divisions and agricultural lands that are situated south westerly of commercial lots with limited sizes on State Route 125.