Mcguire Air Force Base in New Hanover on map

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Mcguire Air Force Base in New Hanover on map

Mcguire Air Force Base in New Hanover, NJ New Jersey Military Bases


McGuire Air Force Base is located almost 30 km away from Trenton and one of the 24 bases that were directly forced by the US government to merge in order to complete each other. The merge occurred due to the 2005 commission responsible for the base realignment and closure. It was a major reconstruction process in the history of the US military bases. This base was forced to merge with Fort Dix (Run by the US Army) and Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst. They formed Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst on October, 1-st, 2009. The new base is now operated by the Air Force and covers more than 42000 acres. With over 40 commanders and 80 mission partners, the base is able to support most types of combats and techniques available today. It is longer than 20 miles from east to west and composed by almost 4000 facilities. Other than that, it currently hosts 44000 individuals, from airmen and soldiers to sailors and marines. At the same time, the base is the home of many civilians employed here or family members. Although the three bases are run by different commanders, they work together very tightly. However, some of the rules are still applying independently.


McGuire Air Force Base is operated by the Air Force, but just one of its groups – the Air Mobility Command. The base construction was approved as the United States of America were preparing for the imminent World War II. The construction was finished in 1941, when the first troops were sent in the area. It didn’t play a very major role throughout World War II, therefore the authorities decided to shut it down. Luckily for it, it was reestablished in 1948. Its name was given in the memory of Thomas B. McGuire Jr., a major known to be the second most important ace in the history of the USA. Thomas B. McGuire Jr. has also been awarded with the Medal of Honor.


The base had its own amount of popularity during World War II though. Its mission was to ensure the air global mobility. It was then considered to be the safest gate to the eastern side of the world. The constant improvements in time made the Air Mobility Control decide on taking it over in 1992, after a major reconstruction process. Over the years, multiple units considered this base to be their homes. The most long lasting one was the 305-th Air Mobility Wing. The troops served at McGuire Air Force Base from 1994 to 2009.


The base is currently hosting the 87-th Air Base Wing, with all its subdivisions. It also hosts a few tenant units, like the 621-st Contingency Response Wing or the 108-th Air Wing.


The housing system at McGuire Air Force Base is defined by your purpose in the area. If deployed here for a short period of time, you might be hosted automatically or you can opt for an inn. The long term inhabitants must fill in some applications or check a real estate agent for off site accommodation.