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Key West base on map. Naval base of the USA in Key West (Florida) on the map

 NAS Key West Navy Base in Key West, FL Florida Military Bases

Naval Air Station Key West (NAS Key West) is one of many Naval Air Stations located throughout the United States. NAS Key West is notable for its rich history, supreme flying weather, and excellent location for marine pursuits.

History of NAS Key West


The United States Navy established its presence in Key West in 1832. This was to subvert piracy in the area. Famous pirates, including Blackbeard and Captain William Kidd, were drawn to Key West because of the wealthy shipping merchants based in the warm waters there.


The base grew during the Mexican-American and Spanish-American Wars. During the Spanish-American war, the United States Atlantic Fleet was stationed at Key West.


World War I saw another expansion of the base at Key West. Key West was established as a U.S. Naval submarine base during this war. Its mission was to supply oil to the U.S. fleet, and to prevent German ships from reaching oil supplies in Mexico.


1917 was a big year for NAS Key West. In July, ground was broken for the Trumbo Point Annex, which would become the site for the Marine Corrison Facility. In September of the same year, the first Naval flight departed from Key West. By December, the Naval Air Base Key West was commissioned with LT Parker as first commanding officer.