Joint Expeditionary Fort Story Naval Base Little Creek on map

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Joint Expeditionary Fort Story Naval Base Little Creek on map

Joint Expeditionary Fort Story Naval Base Little Creek, VA Virginia Military Bases


Joint Expeditionary Base-Fort Story, a sub-installation of Fort Eustis, is located alongside the Chesapeake Bay at Camp Henry in the city of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Fort Story is the only United States Army Base of its kind, as it consists of many unique types of terrain useful for Army training grounds, spread over more than 1,450 acres: open land, sandy marshes, sand dunes, beaches, and the sea. With its ever-changing tide conditions and beach terrain, Fort Story is the perfect training grounds for amphibious operations, and perfect practice for transferring military cargo from ship to shore.


Although Fort Story is an Army base, because of its unique position and its challenging yet realistic training grounds, military personnel from all branches of the military, including the Marine Corps, Navy, and the Coast Guard call Fort Story home.


Fort Story was first established as a military installation in 1914 and was named after Gen. John Patton Story, a notable artilleryman of his time.

Units at Fort Story


Some notable units at Fort Story include the 11th Transportation Battalion, 7th Transportation Group, Army Reserve Center, U.S. Army School of Music, U.S. Marine Corps Training and Advisory Group, Navy Undersea Warfare Center, Shipboard Electronic Systems Evaluation Facility, NATO Communication Logistical Activity, the Naval Special Warfare Group 2 Ranges, and more.

Life at Fort Story


Although the population at Fort Story is very small compared to other bases, with less than 1,300 permanently stationed servicemen, Fort Story still offers housing to those who are stationed there. There are more than 250 family housing units at Fort Story, and all of them are located on the shore of Virginia Beach, Virginia, with ocean access and ocean views. No temporary housing is available on base at Fort Story, although there are many beach side hotels and cottages that attempt to accommodate the local military and their families. The Cape Henry Inn and Beach Club is one of the most popular beach resorts on the Atlantic coastline, and they cater heavily to our armed forces, particularly those who are stationed at Fort Story.


All military dependent children will be expected to attend school in the Virginia Beach Public School System unless their parents make private school or homeschool arrangements. The Virginia Beach Public School System is accustomed to handling military dependent school transfers and can assist you in making educational decisions for your children. Child care is available on base, but with limited availability. Parents who plan to arrange for on-base child care should be sure to make arrangements early to ensure a space for their children.


For medical care, Fort Story Troop Medical Clinic has a dental and medical clinic available for soldiers and their dependents. Any necessary medical care that is not available at the Fort Story Troop Medical Clinic can be handled at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center.


Although Fort Story is an intimate-sized base, a Main Post Exchange, gas station, barber shop, and several fast food restaurants are available on base for military personnel and their families.