NSF Indian Head Navy Base in Indian Head on map

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NSF Indian Head Navy Base in Indian Head on map

NSF Indian Head Navy Base in Indian Head, MD Maryland Military Bases


Naval Support Facility Indian Head is the first military facility operated by the United States of America in the southern part of Maryland. It is located on the Potomac River, in Charles County. There are dozens of military settlements in Maryland and thousands of military troops, but the ones hosted at this base are proud to serve in one of the most important factors in the upcoming decisions of the United States Navy. The installation is older than a century and among the few that caught and were involved in both World War I and World War II. The base is led by Andrew Buduo, III, while the director is Robert V. Gates, one of the most prolific scientists and doctors in the area.


The mission of NSF Indian Head makes it extremely important for the United States Navy. Most inhabitants are scientists with impressive backgrounds. They try to develop, maintain and test some of the most effective explosives in the world. Their work is supposed to be implemented by the US Navy later. Their role is essential, since without these professionals, the military power of the US Navy would not be as high as it is today. Aside from the general explosives, these experts also develop some of the most advanced ordnance. The propulsion system is just as important.


The base spreads over almost 3,500 acres and includes multiple testing ranges. It deals with weaponry, as well as biological and chemical agents. The installation works in a tight collaboration with a similar center located in Virginia – the Dahlgren division of NSWC.


Aside from the obvious military purpose, the base aims to serve the US Navy and the Department of Defense in all of their missions. If it can help, then it will. The inhabitants represent a very valuable core. Most of them are scientists, whether you count the civilian workers or the military troops. There are also the civilian families that have no part in this process, but only to make the troops feel like home. Therefore, the facilities at NSF Indian Head are among the most advanced ones, starting with the recreational activities and ending with the entertainment. The local community clubs and family centers are excellent to maintain the troops in a good mood. The recreational sites like snack bars, parks or sports courts are great for outdoor activities too.


The history of NSF Indian Head dates back to 1890, although the actual construction was finished in 1920. Its role during World War I was insignificant, but its popularity grew throughout World War II. Back then, it was still a small community, although its results were astonishing. After the Korean War and the Vietnam War, the base was taken through a massive round of improvements and updates. The continuously evolving installation reached its current status over the past few decades. Ever since then, its role for the United States Navy was never contested.


These days, NSF Indian Head plans to expand some more by allowing more and more civilian contractors to step in.