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Hancock Field Air Force Base on map

Hancock Field Air Force Base



Hancock Field AFB is located 4.6 miles north-northeast of Syracuse, New York and is the home station of the New York Air National Guard 174th Fighter Wing.


Hancock Field was named for Clarence E. Hancock, a prominent local citizen, and member of the United States House of Representatives.

In contrast to its air defense mission of today, Syracuse Army Air Base — as it was first known — was built and activated in 1942. during the early days of World War II, as a staging area for warplanes bound for England.


Many of the “hardstands” and taxiways now overgrown by weeds were scenes of feverish activity almost 31 years ago when B-17s, B-24s, transports and many other types of aircraft were being prepared for the long hop across the North Atlantic.The installation consists of approximately 350 acres (1.4 km2) of flight line, aircraft ramp and support facilities on the south side of the airport. The base employs approximately 2,000 personnel consisting of full-time Active Guard and Reserve (AGR), Air Reserve Technicians (ART) and traditional part-time Air National Guardsmen. The facility maintains the BAK-14 arresting gear on the airport’s primary runway for emergency use by military tactical jet aircraft and also operates its own fire station with USAF crash vehicles that augment the airport’s civilian Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) organization.


Temporary Lodging


No base housing or temporary lodging is available at Hancock Field, however, temporary lodging is available at several hotels/motels in the local community.   1-800-982-3696


Contact Information


Noise Complaints 1-800-228-3567


Public Affairs 315-233-2651


ID Cards 233-2496 or 233-2151


Military Pay 233-2491


Family Programs 233-2577


Base Honor Guard 233-2515


Base Exchange 233-2440


Fitness Center 233-2535


Heritage Room/All Services Club



Alumni Association 233-2200


Columbia College 233-2238


After Hours Contact 233-2199