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Fort Sam Houston Army Base in San Antonio, TX Texas Military Bases


Fort Sam Houston is one of the military posts operated by the US Army in San Antonio. The name is given in the memory of the first president of Texas, Sam Houston. The missions vary widely. It first of all hosts the headquarters of the Army North and the Army South. The same goes for the Medical Command headquarters, not to mention about the recruiting brigades and training schools. In 2010, as a result of the famous 2005 commission that merged not less than 24 bases, this fort was also united with two other bases operated by the Air Force. These days, the new formation – Joint Base San Antonio – is run by the Air Force.


The fort is unique among the other military posts on the USA territory. First of all, it plays a very important role in the defense of the country and it is located close to the Central and South America. Other than that, since it was part of a free country with a different culture, it includes a lot of historical buildings.



The history of Fort Sam Houston dates back to the 19-th century, in 1845. That is when the first attestation dates from. The post was set up in the Alamo City. The first garrison got there in the same year, with its headquarters hosted in rented buildings. Once the Civil War ended, the fort was “moved” away from the city limits. Due to the expansion plans and the unknown future, the authorities decided that setting it up far from any human communities might be the best idea. Most expansions took place before 1900, with multiple posts and housing facilities. Many of these posts can still be seen and used today, turning this place into the largest amalgam of historical buildings in a US military post. There are over 800 of them. The place is also seen as a living museum for the exact same reason. Besides, the museum in the fort comes to enlighten the inhabitants about the history of each of those buildings.


The fort is said to be the place where the aviation in the USA began. Although other countries already took advantage of this technology, the Americans were not as advanced. The first air operations took place here, as well as the first tests. The place can also be seen as the army medicine home since World War II. Besides, the latest schools built in the modern area come to support this name.



San Antonio is the seventh largest city in the United States of America. In other words, you don’t always have to be hosted at Fort Sam Houston as a newcomer. The off site accommodation is even more varied, but also more expensive sometimes.


Lincoln Military Housing is the agency dealing with the on site housing. It controls not less than 8 villages, with over 900 homes available for the troops. You may rent or buy one, up to you and your family.

Fort Sam Houston Army Base in San Antonio on map

Fort Sam Houston was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1975. As one of the Army’s oldest installations and now part of Joint Base San Antonio.  Fort Sam Houston has more than 900 historic structures dating back to the 1800’s. There are different sections for different eras that are carefully preserved. Watch the video to the right for more information on Fort Sam Houston and about Joint Base San Antonio.



Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234



Fort Sam Houston originates in 1845 when the Post at San Antonio was established in the Alamo City. The Army established a garrison and regional headquarters in rented buildings and a Quartermaster supply depot in the Alamo. After the Civil War, the Army began to move out of the city onto land donated by the City of San Antonio. In 1876, the construction of the Quadrangle began and the Quartermaster Depot moved into it in 1877. The garrison moved into tents west of the Quadrangle in 1879 and the Headquarters moved in 1881. The Post at San Antonio continued to expand with the addition of the Infantry Post in the 1880s. It was designated as Fort Sam Houston in 1890 and expanded again in 1905 with the Cavalry and Light Artillery Post.


These areas, plus the New Post of the 1930s, constitute the largest collection of historic buildings in the Department of Defense (800+) and form the Fort Sam Houston National Historic Landmark. Located in the heart of San Antonio, the post is the birthplace of military aviation and saw the development of the concept of airborne operations. The post evolved into the “Home of Army Medicine” after World War II and into the “Home of Military Medicine” with the establishment of the Medical Education and Training Campus in 2010. Many of America’s finest military personnel have served at Fort Sam Houston. The post is proud of its historic role and the many initiatives to retain the historic character of the post while serving as a modern, model Joint Base for the future.