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Fort McPherson Army Base in East Point on map


Fort McPherson Facts


Fort McPherson Army Base in East Point, GA Georgia Military Bases


Fort McPherson, Georgia is one of the US Army operated military installations. It is situated in East Point, relatively close to Atlanta. Over the years, it was the headquarters of multiple centers and commands in the US Army, depending on the time and objectives. The fort was named in the memory of James Birdseye McPherson, a major general in the US Army.


Although the base is not as large as others, its history is very rich. The place has a military tradition since 1867, when the first post was established in the area. The post was upgraded with minor forts for the Union troops to enforce the laws throughout the years after the American Civil War. By 1881, the fort was about to be taken off. Its buildings were about to be sold at auctions. One of the buildings was turned into a school, later known as the Spelman College. A new post was supposed to be raised in 1885, after the army purchased a small field in the area. Its first major role was in the war between Spain and the United States of America. The fort was used to treat over 20000 injured troops, not to mention about the facility hosting the prisoners of war. There were not more than 16 prisoners incarcerated there. The old times prison is now known as the Post Chapel.


The purpose of Fort McPherson didn’t change much for the upcoming World War I. It was turned into a real hospital and the prison for the war prisoners was enlarged. At the same time, the fort had a few training camps for the officers dealing with it. The prison camp reached its highest population in 1918, hosting 1411 prisoners of war from Germany. Over 10000 patients were also treated during the war.


For World War II, the post kept its hospital for the injured troops. However, its activities were expanded. The fort was now a powerful recruitment center in the area. It also served as a general depot. Once the war ended, the fort became one of the highest populated settlements in the area, with over 200000 soldiers and many others waiting to be assigned.


Fort McPherson is the home of the Army Reserve Command, the Army Central and the Army Forces Command, as well as the Installation Management and the Southeast Command. Each of them plays its own role for the good coordination of the fort. The Army Forces Command is the largest and most important command in the US Army. It deals with professional commanders worldwide.


Other than that, the fort also hosts a few less important tenant units.


In order to benefit from a solid and reliable housing system, you need to be assigned here for a longterm commitment. In this case, you will easily get a home, as your application will be processed faster, especially if you fill it up from time. If you are not that lucky, you may choose the privatized system or one of the hotels in the area.

Fort McPherson Facts


    Location: Atlanta, Georgia

    Website:    Visit Fort McPherson Website ›

    Phone: (404) 464-2980

    Longitude:     -84.42842

    Latitude:     33.712388

    DSN:     367-2980


With its many historical appearances, the Fort McPherson still stands prominent above other traditional and newly developed military bases. The sub-division received its current name in the year 1885, in honor of a superior military operative known as General James Birdeye McPherson. The general dedicated his life’s work to the Union Army during the turbulence of the American Civil War. This installation consist of other sub-divisions such as, the United States Army Reserve Command, the South East region headquarters for the Management Command, the United States Army Central, the United States Forces Command and other activities that are vital to the world’s development.


The facility is Fort Gillem’s closest sub-installation and military neighbor in the Forest Park area. Both facilities share similar morale support activities and services within military grounds. The Fort McPherson organization facilitates 3, 784 civilian personnel’s and 2453 military operatives.  Since both facilities share the same common goal of interest and satellite installation procedures, the decisions made are co-operated to effectively execute and neutralize the mission specifics of the organizations. The operatives of these facilities are well trained and merited in all aspects of military operations carried out to stabilize any uproar in the country.


The city of Atlanta accommodates a total population of over 5 million people with its provisions of adequate transportation, traditional hospitality, educational facilities, agreeable climate, cultural activities, athletic events and entertainment; therefore residents are comfortable with life’s worth. The city offers the best sceneries for attractions, whether on or off post individuals can explore the city’s fine provisions.


The Fort McPherson installation is listed as one of the bases mentioned in the Base Realignment and Closure policy. Fort Gillem is the host for the satellite installation amenities for the facility, which will continue its existence as a reduced military facilitation effective in September of this year.