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Fort Drum Army Base in Jefferson, NY New York Military Bases


Home to the 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum is a United States Military Reserve in Jefferson County, New York. The installation is centered in the heart of one of the utmost historical and scenic areas in the country. It is situated in northern New York, just 30 miles from Canada border. It encompasses 107,265 acres of land that is considered an intensity of population categorized by the U.S. Census Bureau as a census-designated place, which had a population of 12, 955 according to the 2010 census.


The duty of Fort Drum consists of commanding the active sections of troops appointed to installation. The duties mainly consist of providing organizational and logistical assistance to tenant units and to support both active and reserve units in training at Fort Drum. It is responsible for aiding and planning for the mobilization and training of nearly 80,000 troops yearly and is one of the leading Army branches that is presently fighting the war on terror.

Fort Drum Museum


The post has been used as a location for military training since 1908, but the Army’s existence in the northern New York area dates back to the early 1800s. There is so much history about Fort Drum, and the 10th Mountain Division is dedicated to gathering and preserving pertinent information for the museum. The purpose of the museum is to present the most accurate data and material possible on the history of Fort Drum.

Housing at Fort Drum


There are four separate neighborhoods on the post with a total of 2, 700 homes. They consist of, duplexes, four-plexes and eight-plexes, along with townhouses and single family houses. The waiting period can be up to as much as 36 months. There are also barracks for soldiers ranked E-5 or below that are not being paid the BAH with dependents rate.


For housing outside of the base there are numerous options; apartments, duplexes, single dwelling homes and even mobile homes. There is temporary housing on the post for families waiting to get into homes on or off base, such as cabins, cottages and guest houses and cabins. There is also the LeRay Mansion, which is likewise used for temporary housing.

Fort Drum Schools


There are no schools on the Fort Drum post, which requires children residing on the base to attend school at the Indian River Central School District or Carthage Central School District. Both districts provide transportation to and from school for the students who live on the base. There are also private Christian and Catholic schools near Fort Drum.

Child Care at Fort Drum


The post offers many programs that provide child care services that include full day or hourly service, plus before and after school programs. Fort Drum has child development centers located right on site that offer programs for children 6 weeks to Kindergarten and family child care providers who care for children ages 4 weeks and up. The schools offer before and after school child care programs for students. There are also child care programs available for special needs children.

Hospital Facilities


Fort Drum has no hospital facilities, which requires soldiers and their families to attain inpatient medical care and emergency care at nearby civilian hospitals. The base does have three outpatient medical facilities that offer medical services to both active and retired military members and their families. Fort Drum provides on base dental care for active duty military members.

Fort Drum Army Base in Jefferson on map

Fort Drum


Centrally located in one of the most unique and beautiful places around the world, Fort Drum is approximately 30 miles from Canada, with the Great Lakes to the west and Mountains to the east, Fort Drum is located near Watertown, NY, in Jefferson County.


Named after Lt. Gen. Hugh A. Drum, commander of the First Army during World War II, Fort Drum has been used as a military training site since 1907. However, the Army’s presence in the North Country may be traced back to the early 1800’s when a company of infantry soldiers was stationed at Sackets Harbor to enforce the Embargo Act and control smuggling between northern New York and Canada. Presently, Fort Drum consists of 107,265 acres and is home to the 10th Mountain Division. Its mission includes the command of active component units assigned to the installation, administrative and logistical support to tenant units, support to active and reserve units from all services in training at Fort Drum, and planning and support for the mobilization and training of almost 80,000 troops annually.



Home to the 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum’s mission is to provide quality installation support to our Soldiers and their Families that is equitable to their quality of service and sacrifice to our Nation.


Population Served

Fort Drum serves a wide range of Soldiers, Families, DoD personnel, Civilians, retirees and joint services personnel. Residents of the communities located around Fort Drum work in partnership with the installation to provide invaluable service to all Soldiers and Civilians.


Base Transportation

Several taxi companies operate on post. The cost is approximately $5 per person one way on post. Average cost for taxi service from Fort Drum to Watertown is $10-15. The following contains the names and phone numbers of taxi companies in the local area and are not in any particular order.



All Army personnel arriving at Fort Drum will report to the Reception Activity Welcome Center, Clark Hall, building P-10720 Mount Belvedere Boulevard. The Reception Activity Welcome Center is open 24 hours a day. The Welcome Center staff is available to assist you in all aspects of your arrival/in-processing. Call 315-772-7529, or DSN 312-772-7529, or toll free 1-800-661-7158.


Temporary Quarters

Most newly arriving Soldiers and Family members will be temporarily housed in Army lodging at the Fort Drum Inn. Those on PCS orders have priority. Call 15-772-8154 or DSN 312-772-8154 for reservations.


Relocation Assistance

Fort Drum’s Relocation Readiness Program offers the following Services: Drum Soldier & Family Newcomer’s Orientation, Drum Family Welcome Tour, Fort Drum Inn Visits, Relocation Outreach, Relocation Counseling Services, Settling-in Services (to include Reentry Assistance for those returning from foreign assignment), Pre-departure assistance for PCS, ETS, and Retirement, Lending Closet, and limited Citizenship and Immigration assistance for cases involving Spouses and children of DoD ID card holders. Contact Relocation Readiness at 315-772-6566 or DSN 312-772-6566 for more information. The Lending Closet is located at Army Community Service. Contact 315-772-6557 or DSN 312-772-6557 for more information.


Critical Installation Information

Fort Drum is experiencing rapid growth. The overall housing market in the local Fort Drum area is very challenging with deployments and re-deployments greatly effecting occupancy rates.  New housing construction continues very slowly.


    In the winter, Fort Drum does get below-zero degree temperatures from time to time. If arriving during winter months make sure you have warm, heavy clothing with you including winter jackets, snow boots, thick gloves or mittens, and hats.

    If arriving during the winter months be sure to bring a snowbrush and ice scrapper with you or purchase one immediately upon arrival.


All pets must be registered with the town where the pet resides. Pets residing on Fort Drum must be registered with the Town of LeRay. In addition, per Garrison policy, all pets residing on Fort Drum must be registered with the Veterinary Clinic and micro-chipped within 30 days of arrival to their new duty station.