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Fort Buckner Army Base in Okinawa, Japan US Military Bases in Japan


Fort Buckner is a small and insignificant military base run by the US Army in Okinawa. This base in Japan hosts two battalions only and is somehow adjacent to Camp Foster due to its proximity to the camp. Although the base size and purpose is not very impressive at the first view, the facilities on site are among the most advanced ones in the world. They come to fit with the activity of the units hosted on site. Many of them are simply luxurious. The base was named in the memory of Simon Boliver Buckner. He played a major role in the Battle of Okinawa while leading the 10-th army.


The short history of the base implies a few terrorist acts taking place during one of the Japanese exercises in 2001. Although no one was killed and no aggressive actions took place, the authorities revealed the action of a few militants preparing an attack.



When finding out about their potential relocation to this fort, most troops are anxious about it due to the reduced military activity of the United States of America in Japan. However, once they get there, most newcomers are purely astonished by the facilities they will run into. Many of them are unique. Within weeks, they end up appreciating the move as a very beneficial one. Anyway, once you get deployed there, you need to get in touch with the housing office. There is generally enough room for everyone. The authorities avoid overpopulating the base to skip the housing issues. The application for a home takes a short time. Luckily for the inhabitants, they can bring in their families. The overall duration of their deployment, their ranks and the decision to bring their families with them or not will influence the applications. Any of these factors will restrict your options. These days, Japan is a very safe country. It is also the most advanced technological place in the world. Choosing the off site system is just as beneficial, especially if you want to taste the Japanese lifestyle a bit. However, the privatized system is more expensive and you don’t benefit from all the on site facilities and their insignificant costs. The goods news is that you have more options if you choose to use a real estate agency.


The newcomers who are deployed at Fort Buckner for short periods of time may use one of the hotels or inns in the area.



The two units hosted at Fort Buckner are the 53-rd Signal Battalion and the 58-th Signal Battalion. The 58-th Signal Battalion is responsible with the DII (Defense Information Infrastructure) in Okinawa, not to mention about the communicational system. It plays an extremely important role in the coordination and operations in the Pacific. The 53-rd Signal Battalion is responsible with full support for the same Pacific operations.


Believe it or not, the base is small enough to not be able to support any more units. In order to host another unit, one of the current ones must be deployed, unless the authorities decide to expand the base.