Fort Adams State Park on the map. How to get there and what to see in the Fort Adams State Park, Rhode Island

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LOCATION - Fort Adams is in West Newport, adjoining Narragansett Bay on Ocean Drive. Brenton Point is on Ocean Drive southwest of Newport.


FEATURES - The fort is the second largest bastioned fort in the U.S. and was designed to be the most heavily armed fort in America. Its defenses include listening tunnels, powder magazines, and breast-height walls. It could accommodate 2,400 soldiers with 468 mounted cannons and 3 tiers of guns to defend the East Passage of Narragansett Bay.


ACTIVITIES - At Fort Adams, enjoy a picnic at one of the 40 picnic tables, boat from the ramp, go fishing from the pier, and swimming from the beach. Tour the visitor center and take a guided tour of the fort. Concessions are available. Play soccer and rugby, swim in the ocean from a guarded beach, go boating, wind surfing, and fishing. Attend summer concerts, clambakes, and festivals.


The Continental topsail sloop Providence, a reproduction of the first authorized ship of the Continental navy and the first command of John Paul Jones, is available for group charters. Call 401-846-1776.


Fort Adams Sailing Association within the park offers sailboat instruction and rentals. Tour the Museum of Yachting and walk through Samrock V, a J-class sloop that is open for tours. For information, call 401-847-1018.


Go for a harbor cruise from the marina on America's Cup Avenue.


Fort Wetherill State Park is across the water from Fort Adams and offers scuba diving, boating, fishing, hiking, and picnicking.


At Brenton Point, attend seasonal naturalist programs, go fishing, hiking, and boating from the ramp at King's Beach. Concessions are available.


Newport is the site of the largest number of Colonial buildings found in the U.S., and you can tour several historic mansions dating from 1748-1902. These mansions were built during the "gilded age" by the "400" of America's society. Visitors can purchase combination tickets to tour several of the mansions or pick up a self-guided brochure from the Visitor's Bureau at 23 America's Cup Avenue.


Mansions to tour include the Astors' Beechwood Mansion, built in 1856, at 580 Bellevue Avenue. It's open daily June-October. For information, call 401-846-3774.


Belcourt Castle on Bellevue Avenue is a Louis XIH-style castle with a full-sized gold Coronation Coach and the largest collection of antiques in Newport. For tour information, call 401-846-0669.


Other mansions include the Breakers on Ochre Point Avenue, circa 1895, Chateau Sur Mer on Bellevue Avenue, circa 1852, and Elms on Bellevue Avenue, circa 1901. Kingscote on Bellevue Avenue was built in 1839, the Marble House was built in 1892, and Rosecliff was built in 1902. Rosecliff was modeled after the Grand Trianon at Versailles and features Newport's largest private ballroom. For tour information on these mansions, call 401-847-1000.


Green Animals on Cory's Lane in Portsmouth has 80 sculptured trees and shrubs and formal flower beds that can be seen as part of the mansion tour.


Hammersmith Farm, circa 1887, is on Harrison Avenue along Ocean Drive, adjacent to Fort Adams. This farm was the summer home for the Auchincloss family for four generations and was the setting for Jacqueline Bouvier and John F Kennedy's wedding reception. For tour information, call 401-846-7346.


Take the Cliff Walk, designated a National Recreation Trail, that begins at Memorial Boulevard along the Atlantic Ocean shoreline where you pass many of the famous Newport summer mansions.


Tour the International Tennis Hall of Fame and Museum at 194 Bellevue Avenue. The world's largest tennis museum is housed in the historic Newport Casino, but the museum is only open to ticket holders during tournaments. However, its fourteen grass courts are open to the public, where major professional tennis tournaments are held. For information, call 401-849-3990.


The Newport Automobile Museum at 1 Casino Terrace at Bellevue Avenue houses the largest collection of antique and classic automobiles in New England. It's open daily during the summer. For information, call 401-846-6688.


Attend the Music Festival and Tennis Week in July. The Newport Jazz Festival and International Horse Jumping Derby, the largest Grand Prix equestrian jumping event in the U.S., is held in August. The Newport International Sailboat Show is held in September.


Incoming pilots can land at Newport State Airport, located 2 miles northeast of town. Rental cars are available.



Fort Adams State Park

Brenton Point State Park

Newport, Rhode Island 02840 Ocean Drive

401-847-2400 Newport, Rhode Island 02840


Fort Adams State Park on the map.  How to get there and what to see in the Fort Adams State Park, Rhode Island. Description of the attractions of the Fort Adams State Park

Fort Adams State Park on the map.  How to get there and what to see in the Fort Adams State Park, Rhode Island. Description of the attractions of the Fort Adams State Park