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Fleet Activities Sasebo Naval Base in Sasebo, Japan US Military Bases in Japan


Fleet Activities Sasebo is one of the few military bases that fully describe the peaceful and growing political relationship between Japan and the United States of America. There are ships belonging to both sides sharing the port and fully cooperating for its maintenance. The military base is run and operated by the United States Navy. It is located in Sasebo, on the southern Japanese island Kyushu. Its primary mission is to provide full support to logistic operations taking place in the Pacific area.



The history of Fleet Activities Sasebo dates back to 1883. At that time, the Japanese forces were quickly gaining strength and popularity. In an attempt to turn the country into a force, the authorities found this island a great strategical point on the map. Back then, Sasebo was nothing but a fishing village. It was picked by Togo Heihachiro and by 1905, it became one of the most important bases of Japan. The battle of Tsushima represents one of the classic and epic battles led from this base. Led by Togo Heihachiro, the Japanese troops quickly took down the Russian Baltic Fleet. The base reached its peak during World War II.


During the war, there were more than 60,000 employees working on site. The base was responsible for aircrafts, ships and submarines. The American domination began in the autumn of 1945. The first unit that landed there was the 5-th Division. It was only the beginning. By the summer of 1946, the United States of America fully established Fleet Activities Sasebo.


The base played a major role during the Korean War. In fact, it was the main launching point for the United States of America and the UN Forces. There were close to 20,000 American troops deployed on site. The common usage of both American and Japanese forces began after the Korean War reached to an end. The Self Defense Forces of Japan were created at that time and the first ships arrived within a few weeks only.


Another great role was assigned during Operation Desert Storm. It took place from 1990 to 1991. Fleet Activities Sasebo was assigned a role in logistics. It was a supply spot for fuel for all the operations in the Persian Gulf. These days, the activities on site are not as intense anymore. In fact, the base is in an unofficial standby mode.



Judging by the amazing roles this place had over some of the most important conflicts of the last century, the facilities on site are extremely advanced, only to support the troops in their missions. There are plenty of religious programs for all religions, therefore no one is forgotten. The Branch Health Clinic is among the major medical centers in the area. It is part of a wider network of clinics and hospitals.


When interested in killing their time and relaxing, the troops can rely on a society club or a lot of other shops and snack bars. The experience for families is similar to what they can get in the United States of America.