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NAS Corpus Christi Navy Base in Flour Bluff, TX


The Corpus Christi Army Depot (CCAD) is operated under the US Department of Defense. It is specifically under the Center of Industrial and Technical Excellence for wing aircraft and has been since the 1960s. The army depot operates inside of the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station. As of today, CCAD is the largest facility of its type in the world and has become a training base for most active duty Army Reserve, National Guard and Army personnel. Much of the depot is designed specifically for repair, modification, recapitalization, retrofit, testing, modeling and overhauling aircraft engines and other engines, helicopters and other parts for rotary wing aircraft. There are very few facilities in the world as dedicated to the development of rotary wing aircraft as the Corpus Christi Army Depot.

History of Corpus Christi Naval Air Station and Depot


Before World War II ever started, Corpus Christi Naval Air Station was a place where Navy aviators trained to fly carrier-based aircrafts and sea planes. The facilities would continue to be operated as an aircraft facility until 1959. The Corpus Christi Naval Air Station was quite vacant for a number of years in the 1960s. The Army eventually took over the large hangars and other facilities that were located in a 15-acre tract of land. This began the Army Aeronautical Depot Maintenance Center (ARADMAC) in 1961. It was tasked with fixing up battered helicopters, rebuilding engines and maintaining engines and airframes of the latest rotary wing aircraft models.


The first Huey UH-1 helicopter was overhauled at the Corpus Christi Army Depot in 1962. By the late 1960s, the facility had swung into full operation and provided all kinds of repair and services to over 400 helicopters. It was a rather large facility and the only one of its kind in the US at the time. Towards of the middle of the 1960s, Navy seaplane tender ships were recommissioned by the Army to construct the first floating helicopter maintenance facility, which was named the USNS Corpus Christi Bay. The ship patrolled the Southeast Asian waters throughout the Vietnam War and was armed by ARADMAC personnel. This ship was eventually deactivated in 1975.


After the Vietnam War, the name of the area dedicated to overhauling and repairing rotary wing aircraft was changed to the Corpus Christi Army Depot and had over 3,000 civilian employees. Along with military personnel, they supported the rapidly increasing number of Army helicopters in facility’s inventory. Today, helicopter support and repair services are still provided at the facility.

Currently at Corpus Christi Army Depot


Corpus Christi Army Depot is a valuable asset to the US military. It is valued at over $746 million and comprises 154 acres at the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station. CCAD employees often support different operations such as Operation Desert Storm, Hait, Bosnia, Somalia and Operation Iraqi Freedom.


In the 1990s, CCAD also began work on the Navy SH-60B Seahawk, Air Force MH-60 Pavehawk and Marine AH-1 Super Cobra. Work is almost exclusively done for the Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy UH-1N helicopters at the Corpus Christi Army Depot. In September 2000, the depot joined its first partnership with a private industry business known as the General Electric Aircraft Engines. The CCAD began providing engineering, logistical and technical parts support for the T700 engine line. Since that time, the depot has also entered other partnerships with Boeing, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation and Honeywell International.

Housing at Corpus Christi Army Depot


Housing at the depot for active duty personnel is handled in one of two ways. You can stay on base and rent or personnel can live off post, where it’s easier to rent or buy. There are special basic allowances for housing and rates for each option. If you decide to rent on post, you can call the housing office at 361-961-3336. There are significant wait times to rent on base, so it’s important that you start the process early. There is a ton of information available on the Corpus Christ Army Depot housing website including a home buyer’s guide to the area and a MLS listings search for available homes if you plan to stay off base. Some communities are the area including Port Arkansas, Robstown, Kingsville, Ingleside, Taft and Sinton.


Temporary lodging is also available at the Navy Lodge, which is located at the Corpus Christi Naval Station specifically at 9604 Ocean Drive. Reservations are available ay any time of day. Individuals interested in temporary lodging can call 361-939-6630. Others might choose to stay at the nearby Breezeway Inn, which offers reservations 24 hours a day. To reach this lodging facility, call 361-961-2388.


Camping facilities are also available near the depot. Individuals interested in stay at the camp grounds can call the Camping Reservations Office at 361-961-1293.

NAS Corpus Christi Navy Base in Flour Bluff om map

Corpus Christi NAS


Several years before World War II, Congress decided there was a lack of aviation training facilities and recommended another station be created. NAS Corpus Christi was commissioned based on their recommendation in March, 1941, and several months later flight training began in the Coastal Bend area.  Corpus Christi trainees contributed significantly to the success of America’s Naval operations through WWII.


Today there are more than 50 tenant commands and activities located on NAS Corpus Christi and it is the major hub of military activity in South Texas. More than 10,250 employees from all parts of the country. Military from all branches of the service, civil service employees and contractors  now work together at  NAS Corpus Christi to support our national defense.



11001 D Street #101, Corpus Christi, TX

(361) 961-2811



The official step leading to the construction of the Naval Air Station was initiated by the 75th Congress in 1938. A board found that a lack of training facilities capable of meeting an emergency demand for pilots constituted a grave situation. They recommended the establishment of a second air training station, and further, that it be located on Corpus Christi Bay.


NAS Corpus Christi was commissioned by its first skipper, Captain Alva Berhard, on March 12, 1941. The first flight training started on May 5, 1941. Former President George Bush was in the third graduating class, June 1943, commissioned just three days before his 19th birthday, which made him the youngest naval aviator to that date.


In 1941, 800 instructors provided training for more than 300 cadets a month. The training rate nearly doubled after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. By the end of World War II, more than 35,000 naval aviators had earned their wings here. Corpus Christi was the only primary, basic and advanced training facility in existence in the United States. At one time it was the largest pilot training facility in the world.


Today, the training program is much longer, approximately 18 months, due to the increased complexity of today’s aircraft. Currently, Training Air Wing FOUR produces approximately 600 newly qualified aviators each year.



To support War Fighter Readiness and enhance the missions of our Tenant Commands and Regional Installations by providing quality service in a timely, efficient and safe manner.



Joint and Divergent Missions addressed with Dedicated Teamwork resulting in War Fighter Readiness and Mission Accomplishment.



We optimize use of our diverse workforce and Air Station resources in support of tenant command and regional goals and objectives.



Exercise effective coordination with tenant commands to define current and future requirements that guarantee successful mission accomplishment.  Accomplish our mission with a highly trained, diversified and professional workforce.



    Excellence in all we do.

    A safe and professional environment.

    The highest standards of moral and ethical conduct.

    Being a good steward of the environment and community partner.

    Innovation and zeal to promote the best services and practices within budget.

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Base Information

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Naval Air Station Corpus Christi

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