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Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore on map

Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore, MD Maryland Military Bases


Coast Guard Yard is actually a shipyard maintained and operated by the United States Coast Guard. The shipyard was established in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. It is located in Curtis Bay, a few kilometers away from Baltimore. It is one of the most important facilities of the US Coast Guard. Its annual budget gets a little under $100 millions and it represents the one and only shipbuilding installation in this armed force. The place is commanded by Captain Rich Murphy.


The primary mission at Coast Guard Yard is to deal with the development of various ships to support the armed force. There are no other similar facilities in the US Coast Guard, therefore its importance is vital. However, this is not all. The experts on site are also responsible for comprehensive repair operations. There are multiple such centers around the country, but they are mostly created to handle the small requests. When it comes to Coast Guard Yard, things are different. These professionals are committed to dealing with an excellent service and providing the best services. This is how the base became so important. While the base can meet all the demands today, it also struggles to develop new techniques and ideas for the necessities tomorrow. The facility is based on vision, value, solid relationships, workforce and a tight community.


The beginnings of Coast Guard Yard date back to 1899, when the authorities acquired 36 acres of farmland and established one of the first shipyards in the United States of America. The first units joined the site during the same year. The same site also marked the beginning of the prestigious Coast Guard Academy. The mission of this installation has never changed. However, it was only responsible for small lifesaving boats back then.


The United States Coast Guard was officially founded in 1915, when two different institutions decided to merge. Back then, the installation was picked to be the one and only shipbuilding site in the armed force. During World War I, its mission was a bit adapted to the needs of the authorities, therefore the experts on site also had to train men for gasoline engines. The school was also relocated on site for a better training course.


The production was excellent during peace times between World War I and World War II. The schedule was flexible and there was no rush. The employees took their time to develop some of the most durable ships ever built. Starting with World War II, Coast Guard Yard was taken through a massive upgrade. The base was expanded, while the repair operations also included submarines and buoys. During the same years, the shipyard marked the biggest cutters ever built on site – Pontchartrain and Mendota.


No other major events marked the history of this installation. In 1999, it celebrated the centennial. It also grabbed a few awards throughout the past years. These days, the activity is just as intense, while the repair operations are not as popular. They were taken over by the general maintenance and inspection missions.