Fleet Activities Chinhae Navy Base in Busan, South Korea

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Fleet Activities Chinhae Navy Base in Busan, South Korea US Military Bases in South Korea


Fleet Activities Chinhae is one of the few military bases located in Korea and fully operated by the United States Navy. It is close to Busan, the second largest city in Korea, after Seoul, in the southeastern side of the country. Just like the officials describe it, the base is often referred to as the land of the morning calm. Its history has gotten it to evolve in what it is today, after changing its leadership and objectives a few times.



The primary objective of this base is to support the operations held by the United States of America and follow its foreign policy. The operations in Korea imply peacekeeping and contingency projects. Other than that, the base has the role to support all the marines and sailors on site, as well as their families. It supports the facilities and services to fulfill their necessities.



Fleet Activities Chinhae began as an Advisory Group. It was also operated by the US Navy. Its beginnings date to 1946, soon after World War Ii reached to an end. The advisory services were fully provided for Korea in a time when the country was about to split. In fact, they played a massive role during the Korean War, which began in 1950. Soon after the war ended, the base was taken through a massive improvement and restructuring process. It was fully reorganized in 1969. It became one of the main fleet detachments in the country. Three years later, its objectives were still not clear enough, therefore it was reorganized in 1972. This is when it became what it is today.


As years passed by, the place has been through a few other changes as well. Most of the units that took it over in time became tenant units in the end. At the same time, the military operations led by this base were not very significant. The peacekeeping operations in Korea go smoothly, although there is still a lot of tension floating in the air. Only time can tell when a potential new conflict is about to start.



Judging by the low military activity on site, Fleet Activities Chinhae has turned into a transportation base. The management is mostly concentrating on manufacturing, production and distribution services, whether you count particular services, products or goods.



The facilities at Fleet Activities Chinhae are varied enough to make the inhabitants feel like home. There are a wide variety of recreational spots for picnics, walks or sports. At the same time, the soldiers can always relax themselves in a community center or the several snack bars in the area. They may opt for American or Korean food. One of the most important facilities on site is the Branch Medical Clinic, one of the tenant groups belonging to the US Navy Hospital from Yokosuka.


Those who enjoy physical activities may always play court based games or go swim, while the fitness centers and gyms represent a great opportunity for the troops to stay in shape. All in all, the place is great to be deployed at.