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Charleston base on map. Naval base of the USA in Charleston (South Carolina) on the map

 Naval Hospital Charleston Navy Base North Charleston, SC South Carolina Military Bases


Naval Hospital Charleston is among the wide variety of military hospitals operated by the United States Navy. The facility is established in Charleston, in the eastern part of South Carolina. It is not the only medical facility run by the US Navy in this state. At the same time, it is among the oldest continuously running medical centers in the United States of America.


The medical staff working on site has the clear objective to provide full support, medical care and professional services to all the military troops and their families, whenever they need it. Although mostly used for the local problems, the hospital has often been used to treat incoming wounded people during the past American conflicts. Other than that, its vision is to be the best in this industry. In fact, the hospital is already popular among the centers with a high and positive reputation. This is when these experts try to push even harder, only to be on top.


The history of Naval Hospital Charleston dates back more than a century ago, to 1902. The authorities acquired almost 100 acres of land from the local city council of Charleston. The land was purchased in the immediate proximity of a military base that was also operated by the US Navy. Since the base had the tendency to expand and the authorities didn’t really need all the 100 acres, the size kept decreasing. At some point, when World War II reached to an end, it was a little over 40 acres in size, which means it lost more than half of its size.


Prior to World War I, the site took a continuous upgrade. The Bureau of Medicine and Surgery kept raising new buildings and facilities for the medical staff. During World War I, the center was still small enough for the harsh requirements. There were only 28 beds to support the incoming wounded troops. During the war, the place was taken through a new expansion round in an emergency project. At some point, the bed capacity raised to 120.


The actual construction of a hospital began after World War I ended. Naval Hospital Charleston was a medical center based on multiple smaller facilities. In the first summer day of 1917, the authorities began the construction of the hospital. It was finished by July, 31-th, 1917. The new construction raised the bed capacity to about 1,000.


Before World War II implied the United States of America, Naval Hospital Charleston was upgraded again. The new round of updates came as the result of the United States of America attempts to increase the national security. The center lived to “see” a second groundbreaking ceremony in February, 1970, as a new hospital was raised.


These days, things have not changed too much. Although most improvements it took came as emergencies, Naval Hospital Charleston got to become one of the most advanced and professional medical centers in the United States of America. With all these, the ascension is still far from being over, as new projects are about to “hit” this place again.


 NWS Charleston Navy Base in Goose Creek, SC South Carolina Military Bases


Naval Weapons Station Charleston is located around 40 kilometers away from the city with the same name, on the Cooper River. It is established in South Carolina, under the jurisdiction of the United States Navy. It is one of the warmest installations in the United States of America. One of its primary missions is to ensure a high quality of life for all the inhabitants, whether they are military troops, civilian families, students or particular contractors. The services and facilities on site can make every individual feel like home. There are close to 10,000 inhabitants. About 4,000 of them are actual military troops and more than 3,000 are family members. The others are reserve troops and civilian workers or contractors.


The initial objectives of NWS Charleston were to support the local submarine squadrons that were hosted on site, as well as providing enough room to store over 27 million tons conventional ordnance. The squadrons and units might have changed over the past decades, but the ordnance objective is still standing. These days, the facility is the only one on the continental part of the United States of America with fresh and unencumbered arcs for safety purposes.


Other than that, the installation is also more involved with the Department of Defense and acts as a training center with three different schools – one of the Border Patrol satellites and two units of the school for Nuclear Power Training.


The housing office at NWS Charleston is user friendly and able to deal with any request. The students are automatically given a place to stay, while the deployed troops or their families may opt for lodges or housing opportunities. There are three schools on site. Two of them are elementary. There is also a support center for families, while the health care system is successfully represented by a childcare clinic and a general health care center.


Those who like shopping have nothing to worry about. They got a local exchange and a small mall. The recreational activities haven’t been forgotten either – auto hobbies, gyms, fitness clubs, swimming pools, parks and courts for tennis, golf, camping or riding.


There are more permanent units and tenants deployed at NWS Charleston. The local schools are among the most important ones, since they attract hundreds of students every year. Some other units include SSC Atlantic, the 11-th unit of MMA (Mobile Mine Assembly), the 841-st Transportation Battalion, the Reserve Center with all of its buildings or the Charleston team of the Coast Guard.


NWS Charleston was established in 1941, just before the United States of America joined World War II. It was initially built as a depot, therefore this is exactly what it was used for throughout World War II. After the war ended, it adopted a standby position for more years, until 1952, when it was permanently reactivated and set up as a permanent installation. 1954 took the station through a round of improvements, both in size and facilities. It got its current name in 1965.


 Joint Base Charleston Air Force North in Charleston, SC South Carolina Military Bases


Joint Base Charleston South Carolina is one of the 12 new bases on the US territory, which showed up after the 2005 congressional legislation implying the base consolidation by merging multiple bases. 24 small bases had to merge one with another, resulting in 12 new and powerful bases. This one is the result of the October, 2010 merge between the Charleston Air Force Base and the Naval Support Activity Charleston. The place is now operated by the US Air Force. It is located in North Charleston, in the eastern side of the state. The airport at the base is also used for civilian flights and even international flights. At the same time, the commercial airlines benefit from it too. The place currently hosts over 20000 individuals, counting active troops, reserve soldiers and civilians.



The history of this base dates back to 1919. One of the Air Force leaders started looking for a good spot in the area for a new airfield. Nothing could be found until 1927, when a different superior found this place excellent. The actual construction began in 1928. Foreseeing the potentially commercial purpose in this area, the authorities decided to purchase almost 500 more acres for a new airport in 1931. The ’30s came with some basic improvements for the airport. Some of them can be seen today too. During the Great Depression times, the city run out of funds for it. With the help of a work administration, the airfield “lived” to see two paved runways. One of them was 1.1 km long, while the other was shorter – less than 1 km. A small part of the money was used to improve and update the lighting system to the latest technologies. More acres were purchased in 1937 to expand the airport due to the high popularity it was gaining.


Joint Base Charleston South Carolina saw a new round of improvements right before the USA had to join World War II. The civilian flights were still allowed, even after the Pearl Harbor attacks. Soon after the attacks, the local airport was pumped with troops, squadrons and units. At the same time, its purpose for the war was to play the final training role in turning professional pilots into experts.


Aside from the Cold War, the base didn’t play any major roles in the upcoming wars led by Americans.


Joint Base Charleston South Carolina is now the home of the 628-th Air Base Wing, which consists of 3 groups – the medical, mission support and staff directorate – and multiple subgroups. Other than that, the place also hosts multiple tenant units, such as the 437-th Airlift Wing or the 315-th Airlift Wing. Most of the tenant units are deployed here for short periods of time.


The housing at Joint Base Charleston South Carolina mostly depends on your preferences. Finding an on site place is not that hard. Get in touch with the local service and request more information. The off site system is more expensive, but it usually comes with more facilities.