Camp Stanley Army Base in Uijeongbu, South Korea

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Camp Stanley Army Base in Uijeongbu, South Korea US Military Bases in South Korea


Camp Stanley is one of the military bases run by the United States of America in South Korea. It is located close to Uijeongbu and is considered to be the largest part of the Red Cloud Garrison. It is located relatively close to the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) and aims to ensure the peace in the area. It is run by the US Army. The history of this military base is not very rich, although old enough. Its origins date back to 1955, when a tent city was founded to support the military actions around. The same year coincided with the first helicopters and units joining the base. The host unit was the 2-nd ID. It remained on site until 2005, when it was deployed somewhere else.


One of the most important events in the history of the base is negative though. More men managed to steal $8M worth goods from the base post exchange between 2005 and 2006. They were convicted in 2009. It seems some of them were former civilian employees on site.



Most Korean based bases run by the Americans benefit from very poor living conditions and facilities. Fortunately for those inhabiting this place, it is well fitted with some of the latest technologies. When it comes to the medical field, the base operates both a medical clinic and a dental one, providing full service for the troops for almost no costs. Those who are interested in recreational activities can always relax on the tennis, softball, basketball and baseball courts, not to mention about the gym and the local fitness center. Bowling and swimming are also among the most popular activities on site. The art lovers can rely on the movie theater or the library. The troops who enjoy having a drink after a day at work have multiple bars and pubs to choose from. Many other facilities are included in the community activity center.


At the same time, Camp Stanley successfully provides the troops with a post exchange, a few famous American dining facilities and restaurants, a tailor shop, a souvenir shop, an electronics shop including Internet and mobile phones, as well as a pizza delivery service. There is also a Korean food service for those who want to fully experience the Korean life – KATUSA.



Camp Stanley hosts around 10 different units. Some of the most important ones include the 501-st Sustainment Brigade, the 304-th Signal Battalion, the 46-th Transportation Company and the 61-st Maintenance Company. Some of the associate tenant units on site include the local medical services and the military police office, among many others.



The primary mission of Camp Stanley is to deal with the peaceful operations around the DMZ through logistical support, helipads, a refueling station and some recycling facilities. The helicopters perform daily flights between this base and the ones around it.


In 2016, Camp Stanley is scheduled for closure, as the result of a base realignment and closure commission regarding the military base in South Korea. Some of the troops will be deployed to other bases around.