Camp Kinser Marine Corps in Japan

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Camp Kinser Marine Corps in Okinawa, Japan US Military Bases in Japan


Camp Kinser is one of the main military installations located in Japan, but run by the United States of America. The base is part of a larger complex – Camp S. D. Butler, along with nine other similar installations. All of them are located in the Okinawa island, from north to south. They were all acquired after the V Day, when Japan decided it was the time to surrender in World War II. The island was taken over by the United States of America after a round of intense fights during the battle of Okinawa. It was the most significant victory of the USA over Japan during World War II. It also implied a lot of casualties. All these bases belong to the United States Marine Corps. Some of them were run by the United States Army in the past.


Camp Kinser is located in the immediate proximity of Naha Port, a similar installation that is operated by the US Army. From all the bases in Okinawa, this one is the most important one. It stores impressive amounts of ammunitions and spreads over 1,000,000 square feet, taking small parts of multiple civilian communities around it. Each of the ten bases in Camp S. D. Butler has particular missions and objectives, although in some of them, things have changed a little due to the low military activity in the area. If some other bases mostly look like civilian communities, this one is different.



Camp Kinser is among the important stations in Okinawa and has clear objectives and missions. First of all, it is responsible for providing full support to the United States Marine Corps whenever the situation arises. Although the area is quite peaceful during the past decades, things can always go wrong. Besides, the tensioned situation from Korea makes this base, as well as the others in Japan, very important due to the strategical location.


Other than that, the primary mission of the station is to store ammunitions and reserves for most of the American armed forces deployed in the Pacific area. There are dozens of warehouses spread around the 1,000,000 square feet and more than 15,000 tons of ammunitions. The fuel is just as important for the troops in the area and the far east. The camp has the capacity to store 50,000 gallons.



The facilities at Camp Kinser are not among the most advanced ones. If you compare them with the ones at other installations in Okinawa, they are significantly lower. It is obvious that the primary objectives on site don’t really include the facilities. However, this is one of the ongoing projects the authorities are currently working on. The base is supposed to get better housing opportunities in the immediate proximity. Those who work at Camp Kinser mostly use the offsite housing system. However, the cultural difference between Japan and the United States of America is pretty significant, especially for the civilian families who might go through a little shock. Once used to the Japanese culture, things suddenly become a lot easier.