Camp Hansen Marine Corps in Okinawa

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Camp Hansen Marine Corps in Okinawa, Japan US Military Bases in Japan


Camp Hansen is located in Kin, in the Okinawa island, right in the immediate closeness of Kin Bay. Aside from Camp Schwab, it is the northernmost military installation owned by the United States of America in the Okinawa island. Just like nine other different installations on the island, this one is part of Camp Butler, which is not an actual base, but a complex that comprises ten different facilities. The base was named in the memory of Dale M. Hansen, who received the Medal of Honor posthumously about three days after his heroic actions in the battle of Okinawa. Hansen played a major role in the battle for Hill 60. Three days after his action, he was shot by a sniper. He was 23 years old only. The installation is operated by the United States Marine Corps.



Camp Hansen is currently the most important and active training center in Okinawa. It is one of the few places in Japan where the troops can rely on live fire sessions. There are a few huge firing ranges that are open at any given time. Aside from the United States Marine Corps, the base is open for other armed forces too, including Japanese troops – the Ground Self Defense Force. All in all, the base supports the missions and operations conducted by the US Marine Corps and the units hosted on site.


The camp also supports a brig. The brig covers all the United States military fields in the area and the Far East. However, it is used for less significant cases and usually for short sentences. Other than that, providing a good quality of life for the temporary troops in the area is just as important. Whether the troops get there alone or with their families, there is no difference between the military personnel and the civilian individuals. They are all treated alike, at the highest standards.



The facilities at Camp Hansen raise to the expectations. When it comes to the military purposes, there are plenty of training and firing ranges. As for the civilian use, the officials aim to make everyone feel like home.


The health care system is advanced enough to deal with most situations. If they become too severe, a nearby installation hosts the largest hospital in the United States Navy, so there is nothing to worry about. On site, you can find a general health care center and a dental clinic. Besides, the camp hosts a chapel, an exchange, a theater, a library or a post office. There are also a few society clubs and community centers for all the ranks. The individuals looking after more recreational activities can go bowling or visit the few gyms and fitness clubs on site. There are also a few courts for various sports, as well as skate parks for kids and green areas for picnics.


In the end, there are shops, a few dining facilities and American restaurants too. Overall, Camp Hansen can definitely maintain a good atmosphere on site for both civilians and military troops.