Camp Frank D Merrill Army Base in Dahlonega on map

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Camp Frank D Merrill Army Base in Dahlonega on map

Camp Frank D Merrill Army Base in Dahlonega, GA Georgia Military Bases


Camp Frank D. Merrill is among the less important military bases operated by the US Army. It is located in Georgia and one of the few bases in the area. The state is not that highly advanced from this point of view, therefore the current bases are not that important either. One important aspect about this camp is that it is the general meeting point for the 5-th Ranger Training Battalion and a school for rangers. Other than that, both sectors are run by small units. The general purpose of the camp is to train these troops in various environments. The general idea is to deal with the adaption and movement on the ground, especially in mountainous environments. The camp is located close to a small town in Georgia – Dahlonega. According to the statistics, 1/8 of the world formation consists of mountainous formations, therefore such training activities have their particular importance level. The United States control only three such bases in the world. All of them are placed on their territory. This is the second one in importance.


The training activities take place in one more base. The new students are taken through a theoretical part first, with multiple field operations after for the superiors to test their abilities. They are then ordered by their dedication, resistance and stamina. Once they pass the courses, they are transferred to Camp Rudder, in Florida, where the final “exams” take place. They are taken there by bus or by helicopter.


Camp Frank D. Merrill is named after Frank Dow Merrill, an expert leading multiple armies in the Burma campaigns during World War II. His division advanced over 750 miles through the deep jungles in order to harass the Japanese soldiers. No other division managed to get that far. He received multiple awards and decorations before passing away in 1955, in Florida. His role was so important in World War II that Hollywood decided to award him with a special movie in 1962 as well – “Merril’s Marauders”.


The camp doesn’t host other units than the training battalion and the school for rangers. Instead, it provides homes for the families of the longterm employees. The students are not among them. Unlike other US bases, this one didn’t see any major changes in the units inhabiting it.


Since Camp Frank D. Merrill is more like a school or a training camp than an actual base, it is relatively small compared to other bases. The housing possibilities here are almost null. If you relocate here for a longterm assignment, you will most likely have to get a home off site. Besides, the privatized system represents the best option here. If you are about to get here for a short term assignment, a hotel might be the best option you have.


On the other hand, the students are more fortunate. Most of them are hosted in on site camps, but there are also less luckier individuals who have to find a home on their own.

The United States Army Camp Frank D. Merrill is the primary military base that accommodates United States Army Ranger School and the 5th Ranger Training Battalion, which is operated by small unit commanders.  Trainees are instructed on procedures and combat techniques to shift and move at adequate speed in various terrains, including mountainous environments.

Frank D. Merrill Facts


    Location: Dahlonega, Georgia

    Website:     Visit Frank D. Merrill Website

    Phone: (706) 864-3327

    Longitude:     -84.024881

    Latitude:     34.57947

    DSN:     N/A


Most of the military combat areas are on mountainous landforms and since one eighth of the earth’s formation is composite of mountains, it is important to equip operatives on all educational aspects of situations that may affect their effectiveness in combat.

The objective of the installation is to train and educate unit operatives on all different types of mountaineering skills to execute effectiveness on the battlefield. These trainees will be trained in real life experiences to test their skills, physically and mentally to maneuver such endeavors.


There are currently three Ranger training establishments available, with this installation being the second, is ideally designed to elevate the soldiers ability to organize and manage picayune combat units for mission in mountainous landscapes. This installation offers coverage for patrol infiltration and exfiltration, ambushes, mountaineering skills, direct fire missions, small unit tactics, raids and other combat skills in close range.


All students entertained, will receive complete procedures and instructions in handling horrendous situations that may cause complications on the battlefield. These students will efficiently adapt and avail sustenance skills and endurance on different patrol missions that requires dedication and determination.  After exposure to these field events of training, trainees are evaluated based on commitment and stamina to the maximum level of efficiency executed. Once the students have completed all events on the Mountain aspect of training, they are transported by parachute assault or bus to the third and final of training session, which is conducted in Florida at the Camp Rudder,  in close proximity to the Eglin Air Force Base.