Camp Eagle Army Base in South Korea

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Camp Eagle Army Base in South Korea US Military Bases in South Korea


Camp Eagle was once known as base R401 and was officially rededicated in 1989. The camp was one of the first projects that both the American and South Korean governments funded in unison and both supplied troops to build.


At the time of construction Camp Eagle was the most modern camp of any kind in South Korea and in all fairness even as the years have gone by it has still kept up in the way of modern convenience. In 1996 the camp was reorganized to fall under the command of the officer in charge at Camp Long, about 7 miles ways.


The facilities you can expect to find there are places such as a community club, a fire department, a dining facility, a small post exchange and even more. The less usual additions include an ATM and a snack bar as well as a Softball field and a barber shop.