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Camp Beauregard Army Base in Pineville, LA Louisiana Military Bases


Camp Beauregard started as far back as World War I when it operated as a training and mobilization sector of the United States military forces. The installation now provides training for the Louisiana National Guard. Located in Pineville, Louisiana, it also just off US Highway 165 and Highway 116, and it’s also in close proximity to Camp Cook and Esler General Aviation Airport.


Camp Beauregard is a starting point for many who want a military career through the Louisiana National Guard. Its units are also responsible for emergency response for natural disasters as well as state and federal emergencies.



Camp Beauregard is one of the oldest training camps still in existence from World War I. The base was founded in 1917 as a post as the War Department authorized the construction of 30 camps around the country to begin training for World War I. The 17th division was organized to include the 33rd Infantry Brigade and 34th Brigade. In addition, the 5th Infantry Regiment was also formed in 1918 and created the 17th Division. However, the 17th Division never made it overseas and was eventually demobilized in 1919.


The Veterans Hospital site located at Camp Beauregard is one of the most historic landmarks in Louisiana. The base actually has a longer history that goes back to 1852 when the legislature authorized the purchase of 438 acres of land. This effectively created The Louisiana State Seminary and Military Academy in 1958. The Camp Beauregard Base Hospital was created in 1917 while the Veterans Hospital was created in 1920.


After World War I, Beauregard was abandoned and given up to the state. A bus taxi service was started to transport soldiers from Beauregard to nearby Alexandria, which created the Continental Trailways Bus lines.


In 1940 as war preparation began for World War II, Camp Beauregard was returned to the federal government and grew busy once more. The climate in Louisiana was extremely hot and muggy, which made it the best place to train troops who were headed to the East-Asian lines. The camp at the time of the second world war included thousands of acres with several other bases like camps Claiborne, Cook, Polk, Livingston and what would become Esler Regional Airport. All of these bases were used for Louisiana Maneuvers. Collectively, 500,000 men would train here. The camps took up so much territory in Louisiana that it was almost like an occupied state.


After World War II, the camp went back to the state, where it was used as a training area and then deactivated once more. It would remain deactivated until 1973 when it would become the largest military training area in Louisiana once more as the Vietnam War began.


Camp Beauregard has continuously and rapidly grown as a troop training center for the Louisiana National Guard. It also a maintenance and storage facility. You can find several facilities including support maintenance shops, US Purchasing and Fiscal Office warehouse, military units of the LANG, Louisiana Military Academy and Work Release Center of the Louisiana Department of Corrections.


The mission of Camp Beauregard is to support all of the training for LANG. The base all provides training for Department of Defense customers in support of military and operations that are state and federal. Training, support resources, facilities for pre-mobilization and post-mobilization and emergency natural disaster support are all available through Camp Beauregard.



Camp Beauregard is mostly home to training and facilities for the Louisiana National Guard as well as support services for the Department of Defense.


The base is also home to the Jackson Barracks and Gillis Long Center while being located in close proximity to Camp Minden, Camp Cook and Camp Villere.


The Jackson Barracks were built thanks to money provided by a Congressional bill signed by President Andrew Jackson on July 19th, 1832. The bill set aside $87,000 to build a house for U.S. troops. The site for Jackson Barracks was purchased in 1833 from Pierre Cotteret. It was chosen due to its proximity to the city and short distance to forts that guarded against a seaborne invasion. Unfortunately Jackson Barracks has been closed due to damage by Hurricane Isaac from 2012.


The Gillis Long Center was once a sugar cane plantation called Indian Camp after General Camp, who was a veteran of the War of 1812. The main house is a Louisiana historical landmark and was built in the 1850s by the same architect named Henry Howard that designed the Nottoway Plantation in White Castle. The house is the first sight that you can view when entering the Gillis Long Center, which is one of seven Louisiana National Guard installations. The Center takes on the responsibilities of operational and training support for units of LANG. It is home to several units of LANG and also elements of Joint Staff.

Camp Beauregard Lodging


You can find lodging easily through the Camp Beauregard website, which offers an online form to find lodging and billeting for Camp Beauregard, Jackson Barracks, Gillis Long Center and other camps in the area.


While lodging is not currently available in Jackson Barracks, there is still on-base housing. You can fill out the Gillis Long Billeting form or call 225-319-4680 to speak to Camp Beauregard lodging and housing office. You can also visit the main housing office for Camp Beauregard by going to Building 301.


Lodging at Camp Beauregard includes semi-private, private and shared bedrooms. Internet access, guest laundry, vending machines and ice machines are all provided for guests to the base. If looking for on-base housing, you must fill out the form online for Camp Beauregard Billeting or call the housing office.


Guests allowed to Camp Beauregard include AD, NG, Res, RET and dependents; military widowers; DoD civilians, DoD civilian Ret and their dependents; and DAVs who have ID.


There are also plenty of off base housing opportunities around Pineville where Camp Beauregard is located. The area is quite beautiful with the Kisatchie National Forest located just north of Alexandria in addition to Catahoula Lake.

Camp Beauregard Army Base in Pineville on map