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Brooks City Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX Texas Military Bases


Brooks City-Base is located 11 km away from San Antonio and is operated by the local authorities. The local authorities have gained the control over the base in 2002, after an agreement between them and the government. Before 2002, the base was known as Brooks Air Force Base. The main objective of the authorities is to transform this military base into a center for technology, business and science. Although run by the local government, the base is controlled by the US Air Force, which is actually the largest tenant unit.


The base was initially established in 1917. In 1918, it was renamed in the memory of Sidney Johnson Brooks Jr. Brooks Jr. was not some hero in the war, nor a special personality. Instead, it was one of the cadets at the base. Unfortunately for him, the young cadet died in 1917 after his plane hit the ground with the nose while he was trying to land. The cadet was upgraded to pilot after his death. Until 1919, the base stuck on training sessions for Curtiss JN 4. The base also supported balloon training sessions. In 1922, the US Army ceased these operations due to the uselessness of these techniques after World War I. During World War II, Brooks City-Base Texas hosted more schools, including the Advanced Flying School and the School of Combat Observers. Some of the aircrafts were also replaced with more advanced units.


After 1950, the Aerospace Medical Center was relocated to this base. In 1963, the School of Aerospace Medicine was dedicated by John F. Kennedy. This was his final action as a USA president. The next day he was assassinated, on November, 22-nd, 1963. The end of the Vietnam War represented a slight decline in the history of the military base. Its importance was not as big and its general objectives were reduced to one only – research operations for the Air Force.


After the 1995 commission for base closure and realignment, Brooks City-Base was among the first military bases targeted by the officials. The base officials were challenged to improve the facilities in order to survive. By 2005, the base was again targeted by a similar commission. It seems the requirements were just too big to be accomplished. 2011 represented the last year of this location as a military base. These days, it is owned and run by the local authorities, with a few military remains bringing back good old memories. The last unit left the base on September, 1-st, while the few USAF employees left there were gone within two weeks.


There aren’t any units supporting Brooks City-Base these days. However, the past includes some great names in the American history. Some of the most important tenant units include the 67-th Aero Squadron, the Air Corps Balloon and Airship School, the 2510-th AAF Base Unit or the 306-th AF Base Unit. When it comes to major commands, the most resounding names count the Department of Military Aeronautics, the Gulf Coast AAF Training Center and the Continental Air Forces.

Brooks City Air Force Base in San Antonio on map

Brooks City-Base used to be Brooks Air Force Base is a former United States Air Force base is located in San Antonio, Texas. Brooks was established on 1918 is now under the ownership of the City of San Antonio, Texas. It was named in honor of Cadet Brooks who died when he was undergoing his flight training at the time of World War I.


Brooks City-Base houses the 311th Human Systems Wing and the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine plus the different tenant units. Brooks was formerly established on December 8, 1917 under the name of Brooks Field is known as one of the oldest United States Air Force installation servicing the World War I Army Air Service. Brooks was first named Gosport Field and then it was named Brooks Field after only three days.


Brooks City-Base was transferred to Brooks Development Authority as a joint unique project between the Federal, state and the local government whose primary aim is to make the base as the technology, science and business center. The transition happened on July 22, 2002. It was then named as Brooks City-Base. In the year 2005, the base was again listed on the BRAC (Basic Realignment and Closure) list since their removal from the list on 1995. It is now under study of the complete removal of military presence from the base.


Brooks Development Authority has shown much success in the economic development of the area which includes the 62 acre of land by offering services in the distribution and research facilities for the South Texas Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases, a pharmaceutical company that is internationally known, DPT Laboratories and the emergency operations worth $25.5 million of the City/County which was launched on 2007.


Brooks City-Base commemorates Weightless 2 with a statue display on the area and the Hangar 9 as the reminder of World War I.