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Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City, LA Louisiana Military Bases


Named in the memory of the World War I pilot Eugene Hoy Barksdale who died in 1926 in an unfortunate plane crash, Barksdale AFB is an Air Force operated military facility located in the northwestern area of Louisiana, only 7 km away from Bossier City. The base hosts the oldest bomb unit in the Air Force and aims to train professional pilots and provide global and flexible combat capability.



Around 1924, the Shreveport citizens decided it is time for their area to gain some defense security, so they thought about hosting a military airfield, especially since a close base was about to be expanded. The place was found and selected in 1928. However, the actual construction began in 1931 with a couple of runways and some hangars. The first operations began next year, after the first unit joined the base in the autumn of 1932 – the 20-th Pursuit Group. The official groundbreaking ceremony took place in 1933. The place was initially used for the pilots to test out their bombing capabilities and work on them. Prior to World War II, the place expanded with multiple barracks and facilities. Over the war, almost 15 different units and squadrons used the area to train, especially for the European theater.


Barksdale AFB played a very important role during the Vietnam War and the long Cold War as well. At the same time, it experienced a wide variety of problems due to the low flying capacity of the bombardment aircrafts that could not take such long distances. Many of them could not be equipped with extra fuel tanks either.


The units were also part of the first Iraqi invasion from 1996, as a response to Saddam Hussein’s attack over the problematic Kurds in the country. The whole invasion took 80 hours, including the deployment time. Other than that, the base was used for the War on Terrorism as well.


One of the most notable events on a black list includes the 2007 nuclear warhead transportation, when a B 52 carrying cruise missiles with nuclear load landed on the base, without the personnel to have a clue about the load. This happening raised a huge controversy throughout the country.



Barksdale AFB hosts the 2-nd Bomb Wing, which is actually the oldest wing in the Air Force history. The medical group consists of 7 offices. The mission support group hosts not less than 7 squadrons, while the operations and maintenance groups consist of 4 squadrons each. The staff includes 10 offices and centers, such as the Comptroller Squadron, the Inspector General or the Retiree Office. Two of the most important associate tenant groups are the Det 13 ACC TRSS and the 49-th Test and Evaluation Squadron.



When deployed at Barksdale AFB for short periods of time, the troops are hosted in one of the camps located on site. The superiors or those who come here for longer periods of time – with or without their families – must check in with the local housing office.

Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City on map

Barksdale AFB


Barksdale Air Force Base is home to the Air Force’s newest command – Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC). The AFGSC was activated in August 2009 and is responsible for the nation’s 3 intercontinental Balistic Missile Wings, 2 B-52 Stratofortress Wings and the ONLY B-2 Spirit Wing.



Barksdale Air Force Base  is a United States Air Force base located approximately 4.72 miles east-southeast of Bossier City, Louisiana.



Emerging from the cotton fields of Northwestern Louisiana in the early 1930s, Barksdale Air Force Base has grown into a major source of revenue and employment for the region.


Barksdale AFB was established in 1932 as Barksdale Field and is named for World War I aviator and test pilot 2nd Lieutenant Avon Barksdale (1896–1926). The name of the airfield was changed to Barksdale Air Force Base on February 13, 1948, concurrent with the establishment of the United States Air Force as a separate military branch.


Barksdale has proudly served the Ark-La-Tex ( Arkansas , Louisiana and Texas ) for more than 68 years. As a key Air Force Global Strike Command base, Barksdale has a pivotal role in providing a large part of the nation’s deterrent force. Barksdale is home to the Air Force’s newest command, Air Force Global Strike Command. AFGSC was activitated August, 2009, and is responsible for the nation’s three intercontinental Balistic Missile Wings, two B-52 Stratofortress Wings and the only B-2 Spirit Wing.



“To protect our nation and its global interests by providing devastating B-52 combat capability and unmatched expeditionary combat Airmen.


Population Served

Barksdale AFB has a population of roughly 7,800 Active Duty and Reservists, 7,700 Family Members, 2,150 Civilian Employees and 40,000 Retirees.



Contact your Commander’s Support Staff, Military Personnel Flight or Airman and Family Readiness Center at your current base to request a sponsor. This request should be part of every PCS move. Your sponsor will answer any questions you have about the base and the local are, make lodging/dorm arrangements and meet you upon arrival. Your sponsor will be there to help you and your family until you are settled into your new community.


Temporary Quarters

Reservations at the Barksdale Inn may be made in advance and are encouraged during peak relocation periods (May, June, July and August). The availability of rooms varies. PCS and TDY personnel are encourage to make reservations as early as possible to ensure a trouble-free and uninterrupted stay. Families PCSing in are eligible to occupy quarters for 30 days.


The Barksdale Inn can be contacted at (318)456-3091 or DSN: (312)781-3091


Relocation Assistance

The Airman & Family Readiness Center has many resources and services available to make your transition to Barksdale easier. Household items such as pots and pans, dishes, silverware, irons and futons are available for those who are waiting for their household goods to arrive. Free child care is available through the Child Care for PCS program for 20 hours per child within 60 days of your arrival. Internet access is available through the Discovery Resource Center.


If in doubt about what is available or who to call once you arrive, the Relocation Team will help. Contact the Airman & Family Readiness Center at (318)456-8400, DSN 781-8400, or visit the center at 419 Curtiss Road.


Contact Information

Base Operator

Comm: (318) 456-1110

DSN: 781-1110

2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs

(318) 456-3066/5502

DSN 781-3066/5502

e-mail Public Affairs

Barksdale Air Force Base

Is military base in Louisiana


Barksdale AFB Facts

    Location: Bossier City, Louisiana

    Website:    Visit Barksdale Website ›

    Phone: (318) 456-2252

    Longitude:    -93.662567

    Latitude:    32.501365

    DSN:    781-2252

Barksdale Air Force Base (AFB) is in fact a US Air Force base situated somewhere around 4.72 kilometers east-southeast from Bossier Town in Louisiana. This particular unit in Barksdale is considered the second Bomb Wing, the eldest Bomb Wing from the Air Force. It’s allotted to the Air Force World Attack Command’s 8th Air Force. The two BW happens to be backed up with a B-52H Stratofortress bomber, and supplies versatile, receptive, universal battle capacity, autonomously or even in conjunction along with other elements, and also educates just about all Air Force Global Strike Command as well as Air Force Reserve Command B-52 teams. Barksdale AFB has been set up around 1932 as being Barksdale Field and it is given its name for The First World War aviator and also experiment aviator second Lieutenant Eugene Hoy Barksdale (1896-1926). The particular second Bomb Wing has been led by Colonel Timothy Fay. The Control Prime Master Sergeant happens to be Chief Master Sergeant Joe Ann G. Pace. The particular second Bomb Wing performs a key objective from Barksdale AFB, having 3 squadrons involving B-52H Stratofortress bombers – eleventh Bomb Squadron that would be the instruction squadron, the twentieth Bomb Squadron and also the 96th Bomb Squadron.


Collectively these people ensure that the second Bomb Wing delivers adaptable, receptive, world fight ability, autonomously or perhaps in conjunction along with other armies, and also teaches just about all Air Combat Command as well as Air Force Reserve B-52 teams. The actual second Bomb Wing has been allotted to Air Force World Attack Control in Feb., last year. Air Force Universal Attack Control provides fight prepared armies in order to carry out tactical atomic prevention as well as universal attack procedures supporting combatant commanders. Well over fifteen thousand active-duty Air Force Reserve participants along with ordinary people constitute Barksdale’s labor force. Around forty-four B-52 Stratofortress planes are likewise allotted to the actual side.